Friday, November 17

Daily Farm Photo: 11/17/06

Sometimes Everything Else Is Just Background

A year of Daily Photos ago:
We're Having A Bit Of A Cold Snap


  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog. The photos are beautiful and the subject matter is very interesting. I am one of those that would love to pack up and move to the country. Maybe someday I'll be as brave as you are.
    Take care, Blessings

  2. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for a glimpse into your life through your blogs. I have followed yours for sometime now and have a couple questions for you.

    I bought a large wooden bowl for bread making, how do you store it when not in use? Do you keep it covered?

    Also, it has been awhile since you mentioned your goal to set-up an artisan bread bakery on your farm, how is that coming along?

    Thank you!

  3. Nice fall photo. I was reading back through the comments and saw that you used to live in Sonoma. I am in Santa Rosa and itching to get out of here. You would be surprised at much it has grown. Sonoma is a chi-chi place nowadays. Tourists outnumber the locals during the summer. I admire you for being able to pick up and go where your heart leads you. Hopefully some day i will be able to do the same.

  4. Hi Ary,
    Thanks so much and welcome to the farm! : )

    Hi Anonymous,
    When I'm not using my wooden dough bowl I just store it upside down. If you aren't going to use it for a while, I would suggest putting it in a paper bag. That way it's protected, but can still 'breathe.' And remember you don't want to use any soap on your bread bowl. If you need to get it cleaner than you can just by scraping it out with a plastic scraper, wash it in plain water, then dry and rub all over with mineral or almond oil.

    As for the little wholesale bread bakery we are building here on the farm, progress is slow but steady. Things don't move real fast in the country, but we are plugging along and are anxious to finish construction and start baking. Soon! : )

    Hi Stella,
    I can't even imagine what Santa Rosa and Sonoma County in general are like now. I haven't been back to California since I left in 1994, and it was crowded and crazy beyond belief back then. Here's to your picking up and going somewhere else someday soon! : )


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