Thursday, November 16

Daily Farm Photo: 11/16/06

Yep, Bear's A Leaf Roller

And a grass roller. And a hay roller. And an ice roller. Even a barn roller. And an expert snow roller--only yesterday's snow was a no show. But that's how it often seems to be around here. I scurry about in a frenzy, getting all geared up for the predicted 2 to 4 inches, which turns into a predicted one inch, which turns into nothing at all. It's a relief and a disappointment at the same time. Of course the best snowstorms really are the ones that hit entirely by surprise. You go to bed with one landscape and wake up blinking at another. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! (Just skip those false alarms.)

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  1. WTG Bear - rolling around in stuff is one of the benefits of being a real dog! Bet Farm Girl and friends are delighted you roll in SOLID things - less odor! If we have any snow coming - we'll try to scooch it up your way. Thanks for the portrait!

  2. Bear is sitting there waiting for the snow! My cats are catnip rollers. Oh and carpet rollers.

  3. My dog is a bit of an obsessive roller as well! As for snow - I think it ended up visiting us here in Victoria (Australia) instead, 2 weeks from summer and our snow fields and some country towns got dumped with about 30cm of snow in one night!

  4. I just recently discovered your blog, and I am enjoying it very much. I also live on a farm (in GA) and I too have a donkey! Dan is adorable...aren't donkeys just the most fun? :-)

  5. Beautiful dog!

  6. It's early for the "real winter wonderland" just yet for the "south"... give it a few more weeks .. and I am sure in Feb. we will see some this year.

  7. Susan,

    You have an incredible blog!!!

    I love the scenes from the farm! Makes me relive my childhood in upstate NY on a family farm! Thanks for sharing this!

    Many Blessings,


  8. Just from the look of Bear he has to be quite smart. I'm typing this as I look at my little Rocky, great cuddler but not so quick :) What breed is Bear?

  9. I miss the snow. We used to get lots growing up in Yorkshire, but here in London we hardly ever have any. When it does snow it turns to horrible dirty mush within hours.

    Bear is really cute. .

  10. Hi Linda Sue,
    Yes, rolling in solid things is always good, LOL.

    Hi AverysMom,
    Carpet rollers--I love it.

    Hi Ellie,
    Oh my goodness. Your weather sounds crazier than ours--and that's saying something. : )

    Hi Belinda,
    Welcome to the farm! I totally agree re fun & donkeys. : )

    Hi Anonymous,

    Hi Heather,
    No real Winter Wonderland here yet either, but everything will be encased in ice soon enough. It always looks spectacular, but is best viewed through a window--and not a car window!

    Hi Dave,
    You're welcome and welcome to the farm!

    Hi UngourmetGal,
    Bear is indeed very smart. His instincts are truly amazing, and at nearly five years old, they seem to still be improving. He is half Australian Shepherd, half English Shepherd, and 100% Attention Hound (don't do the math). Click here if you'd like to read a little more about him and see more photos.

    Hi Nonnie,
    Great to hear from you. Yeah, snow in the big city isn't so great.


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