Sunday, November 12

Daily Farm Photo: 11/12/06

Beyond This Door There Be Treats
Open. Open. Open.

A year of Daily Photos ago: Same Scene, New View
And a special Weekend Cat Blogging: Be Well, Clare


  1. Love it! Great caption.

  2. Aaaaaaack! So adorable! Psychic sheep brain power makes treats instantly appear!

  3. Your caption made me smile.

  4. My black lab does the same thing. And the door wil always open.

  5. I made the Mexican monkey cake this last weekend and it was loved by everyone.

    Rachel, the lurker.

  6. Too precious. I love the caption. That seems to be exactly how Cary would say it.


  7. Haha - they know! Now if they could just perfect thatwhole mind over matter thing and open the door!!

  8. Lovely picture. Speaking of sheep, how is that ruggedly handsome Studly Jeff? I think you should post more pictures of him.

    By the by, that Studly Jeff the Human, after which he was named, is soooooo dreamy! *swooooon*

  9. Cape Cod Kitty11/14/2006 7:48 AM

    And....did the door open thanks to Cary's magic powers??? Those powers certainly have me captivated.On another note....does anyone know what happened to Clare and Kiri?? I have seen no mention of them and miss them so much.

  10. Sheep picture is SOOOOO cute!

  11. Perhaps she sqirted something at them from the bottle? I'm way off right?

  12. We have a cat that tries that trick. Funny, sometimes it works!


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