Friday, August 11

Daily Farm Photo: 8/11/06


A year of Daily Photos ago:
Dinky Donkey Doodle Dandy Greets Our Surprise Visitors


  1. Okay, the first thing I thought of was the Pixar Short video of "The Birds" --- too funny. About a dozen more little ones, one big goofy one and you'd be all set!

  2. very tweet indeed

  3. My first thought was "Bird On a Wire" and then my second thought was Mel Gibson. Dang it! He is everywhere these days!! :)

  4. This is completely unrelated to today's picture, which is very cool, but you were the first person I thought of so I'm sharing!

    On Big Brother last night (yes I'm a pathetic reality tv show addict, you may make fun of me) the houseguests got a sheep! It wasn't nearly as cute as any of yours, but it was a sheep and that of course made me think of you and Cary and the rest of your flock.

  5. lol...I am addicted to Big Brother're not alone! I saw the sheep too! And thought of Cary!! And when the sheep went Baaaaa, I thought of Cary going Maaaaa! lol...

  6. Me too!! Thought of bird on a wire that is!!

    Wonder what sort of bird it was, looks like a crow to me!

  7. Great shot Farmgirl... I guess that's the early bird who got the worm!!


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