Monday, August 7

Daily Farm Photo: 8/7/06

Sweeping Off The Truck--Or Dancing With The Broom?

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Red Russian Kale Is Wonderful In Salads


  1. Wow, the lighting on this photo just works some sort of magic. It's gorgeous.

  2. What a gorgeous setting! I logged in to get my "dream" picture of the night, and there it was!

    Oh, how I yearn for the Ozark mountains and the beauty of the country.

    Nana in Texas in the burbs

  3. Absolutely dancing! This is the summer version of "Singing in the Rain" broomstick for umbrella.
    Beautiful, beautiful light.

  4. SO pretty! You're a lucky woman FG!:-)

  5. I find a broom duet one of the most relaxing of dances ...

  6. What a great pic! Indeed, the lighting turned out just right. This has been me many times, sweeping out the back of my truck (or dad's) after hauling who-knows-what around all day. What a great shot.

    Another memory brought back by your photo: my grandfather had a tractor just like the one whose front is sticking into the right side of the frame. Massey-Ferguson, 1960s model, correct?

  7. There is something wonderfully romantic about the picture. Is it the faded sunshine? The lover waltzing with the broom? The worn down structures where animals and humans work peacefully? Who knows. Let's just enjoy its beauty.

  8. This is a great picture FG!! I love the sun coming down through the haze, the really lush green trees, all the rustic looking farm equipment/scenery... Beautiful!

    Makes me want to leave my job here at the computer and join you guys in the country!

  9. I knew your farm was beautiful but the light in this picture sets it apart. I don't want to stop looking at it. The atmosphere it invokes is tangible.

  10. How have I completely missed Red Russian Kale? Love the "dancing with the broom" photo too.

  11. I ditto the previous comments about the photo. Your surroundings look like calendar pictures or the scene for a wonderful novel.
    You do have lots of spare time to work on that novel don't you?

  12. That's it! The beginning of a wonderful love story. Are we all maybe romantics at heart?

    That picture captures the essence of where so many of us would like to be. Perhaps it is a bit of heaven here on this earth...

  13. Absolutely Dancing! No doubt about it. Beautiful picture, Susan.

  14. I logged on to comment on the wonderful composition of this photograph and saw that it caught the eye of so many others! It really is a soothing photo. Thank you for keeping up with your blog. I just discovered it a few weeks ago and really enjoy checking in to see what's going on at the farm.

  15. What a fantastic photo, it is really marvellous!


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