Sunday, August 20

Daily Farm Photo: 8/20/06

Multi-tasking Is Essential When You're Running A Farm
(Here Farm Boss Patchy Cat practices his yoga while rehydrating.)

Attention Cat Lovers! This is Weekend Cat blogging #62!
Head to Heather's Space for all the links to this week's kitties. For more fun cat photos, catch the traveling Carnival Of The Cats every Sunday night. And the weekly Friday Ark boards everything from cats to camels. Allergic to fur? Weekend Herb Blogging is for you--don't miss the Monday roundup at Anthony's Kitchen.

And click here to read about some big cats who need our help. (Scroll to the end for a current update.)

A year of Daily Photos ago: Smudge


  1. Oh, that was an absolutely lovely pic :)

  2. Cats are amazing, aren't they? And this is much more picturesque than drinking from

  3. Oh, It's the back foot that gets me. Just one tiny furry foot left on the ground...



  4. Susan, you always catch your animals doing the most amazing things. It's a great pic of PC - I wonder what the second stamce will be...? :-) Tina

  5. Patchy Cat is SO looking to end up with a bath. Yet one more task he will be able to scratch off his list.

  6. that's just so adorable.

  7. How does Patchy not fall into that big tub of water? Even my outdoor cats would have a tough time not falling in.

  8. You must have bunches of cats, Farmgirl! What a lovely pic.

    I have four teenaged kittens in my barn. Three girls, of course! Just got two to the vet for spay/neuter. Two more to go.

    I love a barn full of barn cats. ;-)

    Pax. Kimberly

  9. So cute! I love this picture's subject...

  10. your cat and my cat - are they related??

  11. Great shot!

    Yippe, thanks for the message on my blog! We are very excited as well. I will be taking notes from you...too funny about your photo a year ago, because we used to have a cat named Smudge as well!

  12. Patchy Cat is so talented! What is the name of that yoga move?

  13. I love this picture!

  14. you have the best pictures of your animals! I love this one

  15. I love the foot up against the watering hole!


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