Wednesday, August 2

Daily Farm Photo: 8/2/06

The Evening Sun Shines On One Final Photo Before Slipping Behind The Ridge

A year of Daily Photos ago: Lucky Buddy Bear

Once again I am behind, behind, behind on all things blog related. I have questions to answer, pictures to post, and several summer recipes I'd like to share--hopefully soon. Thanks, as always, for your patience--and for taking the time to send me comments and emails. Your feedback is so important (and often incredibly entertaining)!


  1. Perfect timing! That's a great photo. There's something to be said for having one's camera along at all times.

  2. Yes, it can get busy. But I think you're doing a good job!

  3. Now you just need a cool breeze!

    Have a great day!

  4. That's frame-quality photo-taking :)

    Susan! Guess what I did today! For the VERY FIRST TIME in my life! I never would have guessed!

    Guess! Did you guess? HA! Wrong!

    Today. I.....I....BRAKED FOR CHICKENZ! Yes!

    On my way home from (nasty evil) work, on the little road to our house, there were 3 (count 'em - 3) chickenz in the road! I thought about flooring it...(oh wait! That was a secret thought...strike that!)

    Being chickenz, they had a ho-hum attitude about having "FORD" imprinted on their little beaks. So I braked while they decided to flap their (barbecue) chicken-wings and try to fly out of the way. I laughed. I thought of Lindy (the chicken) and Whitey.

    We clearly live in the country now :)

  5. Wow. You have an eye for recognizing beauty and gorgeous lighting. This one is lovely.

  6. What a wonderfull picture, thanks!!! I'd love to be there now as it looks so calm; another world...

  7. Susan - don't work too hard in all this heat - take a few minutes for yourself and sit "a bit" - we'll wait for you and your writing that is so incredibly entertaining to us as well. Keep cool - Tina

  8. I just recently started reading your blog and I can't tell you how much I love it. Keep up the good work. I love hearing about the farm and I love the recipes. I'm reading your post on Ten Tips for Better Bread right now and just ordered Bread Alone. Haven't made bread in years, but I'm really looking forward to it now. Thanks again! Very inspiring!

  9. Your pictures are so lovely and relaxing. Your photo blog is the first thing I look at when I open my email.

  10. Beautiful, peaceful, bliss...a world away from the way most of us spend our days! Thanks for the view!

  11. Y'know Jeff, Whitey and I brake for people, too- in fact, most chickenz do. It is a very rare thing to see a person who has been flattened by chickenz.

    Except maybe in, uh, Looney Tunes productions. BTW, we are in no way related to that Foghorn Leghorn guy.


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