Saturday, August 26

Daily Farm Photo: 8/26/06

Robin Loves Life On The Farm

Attention Dog Lovers! This is Weekend Dog Blogging #49!
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Sweetnicks each Sunday night for the roundup. Pining for more puppy pics? The Friday Ark boards everything from dogs to frogs. If you prefer plants to pets, don't miss the always tasty & informative Weekend Herb Blogging roundup every Monday. Catch it this week at Kalyn's Kitchen.

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  1. Robin looks very sweet! I'm sure he is a brave farm dog...

  2. OK, I'm finally biting...

    Do you have to be a foodie to join in the Weekend Dog Blogging? Well, according to your post Finding Foodies, I'm a foodie and never even knew it, even though my blog's not about food. (It's about a kitchen designed around cooking -- does that count?)

    I'd like to Weekend Dog Blog! May I?

  3. Does Robin bark a lot? I'd always wanted a beagle until I spent some time with friends who have several vocal specimens.

  4. I just discovered your blog and I definitely like it. No doubt I will come back soon.

  5. Hi Farmgirl,

    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and stories! They make me wish I could go back to the farm of my childhood, where I spent every vacation and holiday up until I was 14, when my grandparents retired from farming and moved to town. One of my most idyllic memories is running barefoot all summer (the farm was in Poland, where I live, and where there's hardly any poisonous wildlife).

  6. Such a pretty puppy face - those flipped back ears are tugging on my heart strings :D

  7. I considered naming my first son Robin, but I chose Seth instead. Still, Robin is a fine name.

  8. Hi Farmgirl,
    Boo is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #64 at
    Please send her your photos and story if you wish.

  9. Oh how I love Robin's face. I've seriously never seen a dog whose eyes dance like Robin’s.

  10. Hi! I just read your post on yogurt. I hope you can help me! I have a Salton "Cosmopolitan" yogurt maker with no instructions. It has 5 little cups in it.

    If I use your method for making yogurt, do I fill the cups? How long do I leave the unit plugged in? I can't believe I can finally use this thing!!!! Thanks ;)

  11. gosh, I love a beagle...any beagle...


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