Thursday, August 3

Daily Farm Photo: 8/3/06

Cary Running To Me At Top Speed. . .

Which Is Too Fast For The Close-Up Photo

A year of Daily Photos ago: Breakfast Under The Mist


  1. VIDEO! WE NEED VIDEO of Cary running and screaming "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaa!".

    So adorable. What happens when she finally finds you? I imagine it's quite a reunion.

  2. There's no screen door to slow her down! What a sweet little girl she is.

  3. Hee! I love the little Cary butt!

  4. Oops, typo's.
    Pictures are cracking me up, too funny! Thks for visiting btw :)

  5. Dang, finniyknits beat me too it. All I could think was, "Maaaaa!"

  6. I agree--we need video of Cary running to her Mama and bleating like mad! And we *still* need audio of Dan's "heeeee-hawwww!"

    That sequence of photos was hilarious. What a fast little lamb you have, FarmGirl!

  7. She might give my quarter horse a run for her money. ;-)

  8. That's hilarious. All you can see is her little bottom. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  9. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa where have you been? Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I've been waiting for you. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I worried you would never come back. I'm so glad you're here Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  10. I need video of Cary running. Her cuteness is overwhelming.

  11. Yes it's time for some video. Maybe even a LambCam that Cary could wear on her head and....

  12. Hi FinnyKnits,
    I know, I know, you're totally right. We need video. I need video. Can you believe I do not have a single photo of me and Cary? I look at pictures of her from a few months ago and already have a hard time remembering her being so tiny.

    The good news is I have the giant memory card the camera needs for the video. Hey, it's a start.

    Re what Cary does when she finally gets to me? I think I'm going to have to devote a special post to that. I'll just add it to the growing list, LOL.

    Hi Cathy,
    But the screen door didn't slow her down! : )

    Hi Julie,
    Cary is a neverending source of laughs, that's for sure.

    Hi Sunidesus,
    I was wondering if people would realize what that was--glad you did!

    Hi Baking Soda,
    Cracking up is good. And thanks for the posts in English on your delicious (and amusing) blog. : )

    Hi Ms. Dafarm,
    That's exactly what she was saying!

    Hi Miss Kitty,
    Oh geez, I already forgot about the audio of DDD. Okay, added to The List (yes, The List just became capitalized). You're right--she is very fast. You'd never know she had a broken leg--which thrills me to no end of course.

    Hi IGO,
    She just might!

    Hi Cherry,
    This is the third time I've read "her little bottom," and the phrase still has me LOL. Thank you!

    Hi Alice,
    You pretty much have it!

    Hi Sandy,
    I think half of (what's left of) my brain still doesn't quite comprehend the fact that I have a lamb daughter who demands to be let in the house (so she can sit in the A/C) and comes racing to me at full tilt from across a field when I call her name. It really is hilarious--and a lot of fun.

    Hi Leigh,
    The video thing is overwhelming! (Sad, I know. But we all have our limitations. Mine have to do with anything technical--or anything that requires thinking in three dimensions). : )

    Oh Yellow Dog,
    LambCam!? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Oh you made my night. The name (let alone the thought of it) is just too funny.

    (BTW, loved the "too much pink in the garden" comment the other day. Leave it to you to completely justify anything our little Cary does!)

  13. I agree! Video!! Better yet, a series, like Meercat Manor, but with Cary and her donkey and dog!

  14. Farmgirl, you sell yourself too short regarding the video thing. You say you have difficulty dealing with things requiring thinking in three dimensions ... have you seen your blog!?!? It is so multi layered it must be in the 6th dimension. Come on, you can do it. Just this one thing with Cary.
    OR -
    We could all start a camapain. We could raise enough money to send a videographer out there for you!

    Love your blog!!

  15. Hello Susan

    She trains for the Olympic Games. She has chances, she runs fast!!!

    Thanks for your visit.

  16. She's getting so big and fast! My heart just goes *thump* every time I see her funny face with those big ears. :-)


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