Sunday, August 27

Daily Farm Photo: 8/27/06

The Cat Cabin

The Cat Cabin Was Originally Used As A Smokehouse

J2 & New Cat Love Living In It

Corner Detail Of The Hand Hewn Logs

here to read my previous post about the Cat Cabin.

Attention Cat Lovers! This is Weekend Cat blogging #64!
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here if you haven't read my post about the big cats who really need our help. Please spread the word.

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  1. Glad to see you call it the "cat cabin" instead of "cat house". Ha Ha Ha!!

  2. Love the cat cabin! Great pictures..They look as if they are greeting the visitors to their home.

  3. On another note, pop over to my site. Donkey Dan's cousin Elmer was a surprise visitor yesterday.

  4. Archie and Sid, the resident felines Chez Toast, have been asking me why they don't have their own summer place too.

    I have explained that J2 and New Cat most likely live fulltime in the cabin. I said they probably don't run the Farmgirl household, attempt to dislodge human guests from their favorite armchairs, and hang out in your bathtub.

    I particularly said that I very much doubted that they remove your underwear from the hamper while you are out, to toss it around and leave it in the living room, in case you should be so foolish as to walk right in your own door with an aquaintance.

    They are unconvinced and believe that the cat cabin is a vacation home, something which they have long deserved, so they can "get away from it all" (i.e. me, I suppose). Could you please explain to my cats that this is a primary residence, and not a second home for your cats? It is...isn't it?

  5. Okay, I am just a sap for things old. The "cat cabin" is a wonderful relic of history. Do you and Joe have plans to level it and preserve it? I was serious when I said you need a small metal detector to uncover "gifts" left behind. I can only imagine what a wonderful collection of objects you would find.

  6. PS..You could photograph the objects and show them to us. Have you found the spots where they burned their trash? Those sites are usually full of clues about the families who have lived there.

  7. I love their cat cabin and they look so comfy in it. It's like their place to hide away from everything else.

  8. I love the look of their little cabin ..... what lucky kitties!!!

    mama kelly
    just back from vermont and missing the chickens

  9. Oh, shweet! Those are some cute kitties you have living in the Cat Cabin. My outdoor kitties mostly get under my house in the crawl space. I wonder whether they've noticed that the chicken has a house all to herself. Hmmm.

    FG, do you ever put a heater of any type out there for the cats? Sometimes I bring the outdoor cats into the heated shed if it gets too cold--usually below 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

  10. What a lovely cat cabin! They sure look happy to be there.

  11. Hi Farmgirl,

    Didn't know you were running a cat house... what will the neighbors say!!

    Seriously though, great pictures! Is that Cary grazing again? That girl doesn't stop...

  12. Love all your photos, thanks for sharing :)


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