Saturday, March 10

Farm Photo: 3/10/07

Something Good Is On The Rise

More details
soon. . .

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  1. Wow. Can you make tomorrow's photo the "after" shot?

  2. Oooh I'm planning on making bread today. Those loaves look fantastic, can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. forget the barn cam...i want a KITCHEN CAM!!

    p.s. the last time i made bread, i made the mistake of leaving it out on the counter, next to the softening butter, while i did this and that waiting for the bread to cool a bit. by the time i got back to the counter--the bread AND the whole stick of butter was GONE...and my black lab ZIGGY was hiding under the kitchen table, lookin' guilty as sin.
    we didn't exactly catch him in the act--but I now happily pass along these words to live by:
    never leave fresh baked bread--or real creamery butter-unattended in the presence of a black lab.

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  5. Love That Bread!!! I am going to have to make some today. It's raining and that will be the perfect project for the day!!!

  6. Very impressed. Someday I'm going to actually make bread without a breaddmaker instead of just talking about it. (I am making homemade noodles today with 100% whole wheat flour, but not sure how they will turn out.)

  7. Cuteness and food all in one site! It's too much to bear.

    Love the lambs. Love the food.


  8. I hope we get the recipe. I've already made the No Knead bread twice since I found your blog just a couple days ago. I need a new recipe!! Love your blog.

  9. That reminds me, it's been 48 hours since I baked anything.

    Rene, I once had a dog who loved my bread, warm from the oven but only if it had homemade jam on it. I will not admit to how I found this out, because feeding slices of homemade bread with strawberry jam to a dog is just too embarrassing!

  10. I LOVE your blog. I haven't made bread for way too long, and must change that as soon as possible. And your baby goats....the cutest things I ever saw.

  11. Susan,

    Clearly you're a marketing master. You've been teasing us with this Farmhouse White recipe for TWO YEARS...(ok, I haven't been reading your blog QUITE that long....but I did do a lot of catch up!), and now you're adding links to all these wonderful products (so nice when someone ELSE does all the review readings to narrow down the best products), AND going to co-produce A Year In Bread, which you know we're all going to be checking out frequently?! All the while you're posting cute lamb pictures, beautiful shots of the farm, huggable sheeps, donkeys, cats, dogs and yes, even chickens....

    Ok, this isn't very nice. You're working all us poor innocents into a bread frenzy here!! How do we know you aren't secretly some major big corporation, and you're about to release your new line of breads, bread mixes (gasp!), cook books, DVDs of this possibly fictitious "FarmGirl Susan" person making breads, and probably a ton of gadgets we'll have to, have to, HAVE TO buy!! For all we know, you don't actually exist - you're the next Betty Crocker!! (Who also wasn't a real person, from what I understand)

    I'm on to you lady!!!

    Now hurry up and post even MORE pictures of bread - I'm ready and waiting (and drooling!) ;-)

    PS Thanks to you and a coworker, I became totally inspired to start baking bread this past year, and we LOVE all the great results. Friends and our realtor love it when I show up with a huge loaf of french bread, or a partial loaf of still warm multigrain bread. Who ever would've thought I'd be experimenting with millet, oat bran and wheat berries!?! So thanks for planting the seed (a wheat seed?!) and getting me so excited about all of this! MMM good!

    (IF you're even a real person!) ;-)


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