Wednesday, March 14

Farm Photo: 3/14/07

Tana & Her Baby Boy On Their First Morning Outside

This was taken a couple of days ago. Joe, who just got back from a quickie barn check because "One of the miniature ones wouldn't stop crying," (it stopped as soon as he walked all the way down there) has informed me that "Tana's lamb has got things figured out. He said, 'I'm black, and I get hot in the sun,' so now he lays under the bunk feeder in the shade while Tana eats around him." That is, when he's not racing around the farmyard looking for trouble with his little woolly compatriots. . .

New lamb alert!
Yesterday morning second-time mother Bruisie gave birth to a huge baby boy. When Joe first saw him, his jaw dropped anad he stared at him in disbelief. "He looks like he's two weeks old!" His enormous size wasn't that surprising to me, though. After all, Bruisie got her name (which is officially Bruiser) because when she was born she was so much bigger than all the other lambs.

Speaking of other lambs, it looks like more will be arriving soon, including at least a couple more sets of twins. Annette is so big she now swaggers. Snugglebunny, on the other hand, does more of a waddle. They both look hysterical, but I try my best not to laugh in their faces. Extremely pregnant girls can be very sensitive.

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  1. How wonderful!!! Since I've never lived on a farm, would you mind answering a city-girl question? In your previous posts, you "rent" a ram from another farm to do his "dudley-do-right" thing... what do you do with the baby boy lambs that are being born? And if you do have to do something to them, anatomically, when do you do it?? I love your posts, Farmgirl. They're SO MUCH FUN!

  2. Love your blog!
    I'll be back to see what's new on the farm.

  3. Love those baby lamb pics - yes under the feeder is a preferred spot for our goat kids - also protection from over eager eaters! Will wait patiently for your thoughtful reply to anonymous's question about the gender adjusting we all have to do to our little male babies. You are the best!

  4. That made me smile. Thanks,D

  5. I look foward to checking your blog. The photos are so "life" inspirational. Thanks for taking the time to do such good work!!! I love the lambs!!!

  6. I so love your blogs. I aspire to be like you.

  7. Forget the GroundHog, the best way to know spring is really on its way: FarmGirl starts New Lamb Reports.

  8. Aw, the photo of Tana and her baby boy just completely yanked my heartstrings even harder for wanting a little flock of my own! Someday, maybe.... In the meantime, I'll keep cheering your beautiful menagerie on! :)

  9. Sweet baby. Hope all of the waddling mommas have good deliveries!!

  10. I've been trailing your blog for ages now, and I love all those cuddly, cute, chweech lambies... I finally finished my exams and started a blog of my own. Nope, I'm no farmgirl, but until I get a farm of my own, I live through you... :)

  11. ummm... can i add your link on my page if you dont mind? i love reading your blog!

  12. I want more, more, more! I told you that the black ones are my most favorite. This post about the baby boy just confirms that! I can't wait to see more. I love that I can come and get my cuteness fix here every spring. My friend called earlier this week and they are shearing this weekend. I have work and can't go. I am totally bummed!


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