Thursday, March 8

Farm Photo: 3/8/07

Doll Face & Her Baby Boy Bonding In Their Bonding Suite

Lamb Report:
No new babies to report. The current lamb count remains at seven, though I'm sure it won't be there for long. The number of cute lamb photos I've taken, however, keeps going up and up and up (which should make some of you very happy, and others wondering when I'm going to get back to the food).

And it looks like it's going to be a banner year for Bouncing Sickness. After only a couple of days of being alive, every single lamb is already bouncing all over the place. It's hysterical--a perfectly normal looking lamb is standing around doing nothing, when out of the blue it bounces straight up into the air, head twisting, legs flying everywhere.

Just wait until they get outside in the farmyard where they can bounce and race around. Who needs TV when you can tune into Lamb Watch? I know, I know, share and share alike. I need to make a little movie with my camera so you can see Bouncing Sickness in action. But assuming I even can figure out all the technical details, I don't know if I'd be able to upload it since I'm on dial-up. Hmmm.

Which reminds me--Bean's idea for Barn Cam was too funny. I think she meant that we should install a nanny cam type thing so we could keep a remote eye on what's going on in the barn without having to trek down there. But some of you meant a Barn Cam that you could watch, didn't you? That had me seriously laughing out loud.

A year of Farm Photos ago:
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  1. Your recent pictures and posts of the babies have been absolutely wonderful. They are absolutely gorgeous little darlins'. Hooray to the moms and babes!

  2. I LOVE lamb pictures - keep them coming! I grew up in a rural area and a classmate of mine's Dad raised sheep. I would go over to her house in the spring and there would always be some bum lambs they were bottle feeding, etc. :)

  3. I didn't even recognize doll face with her hair cut. And I would so watch the barn would be hard to tear me away.

  4. Delurker here! I've been checking in to see your lamb photos and loving every one of them! My daughter has been looking at them, too, and when she saw this one she wanted to print it out and hang it on her wall! How fun...

  5. I know that my mother and I would both watch the Barn Cam!!!!! We watch wildlife and zoo cams from all over the world. We love the photos of the farm, and your website provides a beautiful, peaceful moment every time we check in and see new photos!!! It's the highlight of our day!

  6. Barn Cam-What a totally cool idea. I know a zoo did it with a Panda, why not sheep? Wow, I would never get any work, knitting or house cleaning done if you really did have a Barn Cam. I would be perched here for hours just watching. You could of course dash by with signs giving us the lamb count every now and then! Are you taking donations? Subcriptions???? lol!

  7. The little lambs are darling. This entire site makes me want to give up cities and move to the country. I can't but I very much enjoy reading about you doing it. Thanks so much for all of the adorable photos.

  8. Every night when I look at your blog my husband starts saying, "no, no, no". We have lots of horses, long horn cows, goats, chickens and peacocks. I would love to have some sheep like yours--they are precious. Our baby horses are adorable but you can't cuddle them. I can imagine getting my hands on that baby lamb!! Food we can see anytime--keep up the baby pictures.

  9. Yes, a barn cam! It would be like therapy for some of us. You probably could take subscritions. When our first FFA lambs came to live we us (older than your newborns) we got such a kick out of their bouncing and bounding, all 4 feet at once. We're so easily entertained.

    Congratulations on the little ones!

  10. Sod the food pics Susan, give us more lambs to coo over. I don't have a maternal bone in my body but am at serious risk of crashing the car at this time of year, craning my neck to spot tiny lambs doing that jumpy thing in the fields round here.

    Bring on the barn cam! But I fear I will get even less work done. X

  11. C'mon. Put in a barn cam for us. Wayne did it when he went on vacation, and we got to watch his cats. Sheep must be more interesting than cats.


  12. Those lil four legged wooly babies are very adorable to watch with the "bouncing sickness"!

    A few weeks ago when Dixie and Oscar were born -- we had an adult doe bouncing like that when she heard the babies bleat the first few times. Panga, along with the other girls were tearing around the little pasture and bouncing. That was hilarious!

  13. I'd give my eye-teeth to be watching the bouncers!

    In person sounds best, but Barn Cam sounds great too! I am with Petunia's Gardener- if you start selling Barn Cam subscriptions you will retire a very wealthy woman!!


  14. I had to comment again to share about a movie coming out about sheep...very baaaaad sheep (pardon the pun!) It sounds partially camp, but who knows. It would not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think many would get a real laugh out of it. Think of it as "Shaun of the Dead" down on the farm...the sheep farm! See more at

  15. oh yes! oh yes! oh yes! oh yes! oh yes!

    A barn cam, puh-LEEZE!


  16. Bounce sickness? Rabbits do that, too. We call it their "Happy Dance".

  17. Coming off a weekend of killing pigs and making 300 pounds of sausages, I can't look at these lambs without thinking of roast lamb for Easter. Does that make me evil?
    They are wonderful photos...

  18. Farmgirl, You Rock! Thanks for the link. I've been on vacation so I'm here catching up on all the cuteness I've missed. I just want to hug all the lambs.

  19. What a delight to find your site! I have dreamed about living your lifestyle. I use to raise sheep in Apex North Carolina as well as Chickens and loved every minute.

    I had to give it up and go back to Corporate World. Yuk! However, what I learned as a Shepherdess is well used on the Executives at my job. Always use food to get them to meetings and have a Big Dog on your side.

    Thanks for making me smile with all your pictures.

    Best regards,



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