Sunday, March 4

Farm Photo 3/4/07: Daffodils Already?

Apparently so.

Though as you can see by the little specks of ice, we're having a little struggle between the tug of winter and the pull of spring. But that's March in Missouri for you; there's no telling what you're going to get. Two days ago it was sunny and 60 degrees; yesterday morning it was snowing. By April we'll be seeing temps in the upper 90s.

Personally I wouldn't mind a few more months of winter—snowstorms, ice, 46 degree mornings in the living room (the warmest room in The Shack!) and all. As a non-summer person who could happily spend the rest of her days cozied up in turtlenecks, polar fleece, and thick flannel sheets, I feel this way each time March rolls around and things start heating back up.

Lately the wind has been blowing around like crazy lately no matter what the weather. What do they say about March? In like a lion, out like a lamb? I don't know if it'll go out like a lamb, but I do know that it will go out with lambs.

The first babies should begin arriving around Saturday, though there are a few mothers-to-be who look like they are more than ready to jump the starting gate. As for me, I'm trying to get ahead on sleep before I spend the next several weeks staying up all hours and clomping down to the barn for 2 a.m. checks.

Newsflash! Newsflash!
We interrupt this partially-finished post written earlier today to bring you an up-to-the-minute report from the barn. During what can only be described as Yet Another Crazy Day On The Farm, this evening Zelda gave birth to an adorable and healthy set of twins: a black boy and a black & white spotted girl. In the midst of the lambs' unexpected arrival, there were howling dogs and guns, a broken down pickup truck and blasting blues music, a loudly braying donkey, and frantic wives in fancy dress (but don't worry, nobody was shot or maimed).

And we're off! Now if only there had been something simmering in the dutch oven for the past five hours. . .

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  1. New babies! It must be spring! :-)

  2. Yay! Daffodils for new babies! There's totally a direct corrolation btwn the two events.

  3. Great news! 1st babies safely delivered and I assume feeding well on the ewe, as it's even better if you don't have to bottle feed!

    All of our 11 lambs (which isn't a lot compared to what the number you'll end up with but plenty for our 1st time) are doing great. We did have 4 of the 11 (all from different ewes; however the 5 ewes were bred to same ram, which I understand is where that gene comes from) having inverted eyelids; so we clipped them this weekend and went ahead and gave them their 1st shot.

    Thanks again for the recommendation on Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep, we've been devouring it since it came this past week.

    Crazy weather though - St. Louis is experiencing the same thing. I haven't yet gotten the 7 quart dutch oven; however, I did have the crockpot going all weekend and you are so right - having to be in the barn and never knowing what will happen it's nice to know that dinner is already done when one finally gets back in!

    Good luck with the rest of the remaining lambs!

  4. Congratulations! Our lambs in Hermann are not due until mid-April. Say...anna had the absolute right idea. Time to switch over to the slow cooker.

  5. I'm so jealous you have flowers peeking out. All my stuff is still covered with snow! I'm a committed slow-cooker user too. Food that cooks by itself, what could be better?

  6. Yaay for the daffodils!! Ours here in southern Indiana are just barely peekin' outta the ground today, but they ARE peekin'!

    Amen to the slow cookin', hot, hearty food awaitin'!

    Lookin' forward to hearing about your healthy n happy(if exhausting) lambing season!


  7. Aww the first sheepies of spring! Time to put the winter blahs away and get excited. YAY!

  8. Yes, my tulips are starting to poke through the ground, and my johnny jump ups are already blooming! We're having crazy weather in CO Springs, too. We go from 50s and 60s to snow within 24 hours.

    Congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures of new babies.

  9. Congrats on early arrivals - nothing wrong with those independent gals just jumping the schedule! Daffodils are already in full bloom here - we've had a spell of colder weather but now back on the track to our favorite - HOT weather. 'Nuther difference in us FG - my household loves hot humid weather! Isn't it wonderful that different folks can have different situations? Spent some of this weekend burning off and first tilling of garden plot - anticipation building for garden fever. Looking forward to the exciting sounding events surrounding recent birthing day!


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