Thursday, March 22

Farm Photo 3/22/07: Treat Time

Gobble Gobble Gobble

Lamb Report:
Current lamb count: Holding steady at 18. Thank goodness, as none of the current five guests at The Bonding Suite Inn are ready to check out just yet. Although hungry Bloomie did jump out this morning. Apparently she doesn't like the fact that I keep serving breakfast and dinner to the other girls first, so today she simply leaped over the fence panel in front of her pen and made a mad dash at the feed bucket. As my eyes were shrinking back to their normal size, I wondered for a split second if she'd hop back over the fence when I filled up her dish. She didn't.

Current number of adult sheep not staying at The Bonding Suite Inn who think they should also be getting treats twice a day instead of just once: 48 (that would be all of them).

A year of Farm Photos ago:
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And out of the kitchen garden came: A Bouncing Baby Blog! (Which I have been sadly neglecting but hope to get back to tending soon--there's so much going on in the garden right now. Or, I should say, there's so much I should be doing in the garden right now.)

There was also a lot of squawking in the henhouse a year ago. Perfect timing for a re-visit to this post, too, as this morning I was shocked to discover that everybody's favorite chicken, Whitey, has once again gone back to laying her distinctive little white eggs. She's seven years old and showing no signs of slowing down (or losing the attitude).

As for my plan to order a new batch of spring chicks--it's been put on hold until after the lambs stop arriving. I don't think I can handle two batches of babies at once--though chicks don't require nearly as much cuddle time as lambs do.



  1. I love that photo! I love all of your sheep news. Glad to hear that you've had a small break from the deliveries in the wee small hours. BTW, have you heard of "Shaun The Sheep", a new BBC children's animated series from the "Wallace & Gromit" folks? Well worth a watch if you can find it. Very funny indeed.

  2. Your babies are SOOOO CUTE ! Am looking forward to your gardening blogs also. The lizards are eating my baby lettuce that I have been struggling to grow here in Key West. In Ohio it was the rabbits, deer and ocassional cow. Now it's lizards!
    Heading over to the bread page now. Looking forward to pizza!

  3. Been out of pocket for a few days...all I can say to all of my catch up viewing of the new lambs is
    1) Bless you as you make it through lambing season
    2)O M G!!! I love all the cute lambs and links to other cute lambs. What a wonderful Easter time montage!

  4. Gorgeous. If I were present, I would do some serious cuddling for you!

  5. What a great shot! All the lamb pics have been wonderful, but this one is my favorite--for the moment, anyway.
    My hooligans(translation:wild jungle-like human offspring)love the pics and I really enjoy your blog overall, thanks for sharing out here for us to see!


  6. Just popping in for my lamb time with you. They are adorable, I wish that I could snuggle them all (and give them extra treats!)

  7. What a WONDERFUL photo. I've been lurking for about a month ... I enjoy your blog.

  8. Well, I've been lurking around for a while too. I keep wondering when you're going to knit something. I mean why else do you have all those sheep around? I mean they're cute and all, but...

  9. Your site continues to refresh my mind with so many good memories of growing up on a sheep farm. Just before lambing season we would shear the sheep. I remember carrying armfuls of the wool to tall burlap sacks and packing it tightly. By the end of the day my hands were coated in lanolin and my hands were as smooth as butter for weeks.

    I envy your country life. I moved to the Silicon Valley and have somehow gotten lost in my work. I forget how much I miss my time on the farm.

  10. Haha, the first thing I thought seeing this picture? That they were elephants trunks...

  11. What a terrific photo! Like Karen, I thought of elephant trunks.
    Glad to hear the old girl is making with the eggs again. She's probably thinking to keep that chick purchase thing at the inchoate thought level.There's just no upstaging a determined older hen.

  12. We're telecommunicating without the computer because I had barely finished posting about A Year of Bread on Blogher, and when I checked e-mail, you had just left a comment on my blog. How's that for synchronicity? Love the idea of bread for a year, and I hereby commit I'll try to make bread by hand at least once!


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