Wednesday, March 7

Farm Photo: 3/7/07

Baby Cary Turned Ten Months Old Yesterday!

I actually had the right day this time (no really, I did)--I just didn't have a chance to post these photos. A month after bravely surviving her first shearing, Carybunga is as cute and as crazy as ever. But of course we all know she isn't the baby anymore. . . (Don't know who Cary is? Click here to read her story.)

One Of Annie's Triplets, Less Than An Hour Old

Yep, triplets. Two boys and a girl, born yesterday morning without any problems. All three little darlings are doing fine so far. They're much smaller than the other lambs; the tiniest one is only about the size of The Doodle. (I really should weigh them. I suppose I could just plunk them down on my kitchen scale--how cute would that be?) Second time mother Annie, who had just one tiny boy last year, is extremely pleased, if a bit tired. I am thrilled.

That makes 7 lambs born in less than 48 hours, which is a record for us. Studly Do-Right Jefferson certainly did right.

Each day brings more surprises. Add sunshine, blue skies, and a non-stop parade of hundreds and hundreds of squawking geese high overhead flying north (one of the neatest things about living here), and, well, things on the farm are good. Crazy, but good.

There are stories. Stories I want to remember but know I will forget. Stories I need to write down. But right now there simply isn't time. Right now I'm headed back out into the sunshine and down to the barn--surprises await.

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  1. Congrats to Annie! She must be just delighted with three new wriggling wooly babies. The one you pictured is ADORABLE. Seriously, it hurts me just a little. ;)

    It looks like all of Studly Jeff's standing around looking like a show ram (and then leaping into action) paid off. That's real dedication for you right there.

  2. Congrats! I am SO jealous! My lambs are still a month away from arriving. Can't wait!

  3. OMG. How can you possibly expect me to be able to love ALL these lambs so much? They are impossibly adorable. I'm going to split in two trying to adequately adore all of them including Cary.

    Because, to me, Cary will always be the Head Lamb.

  4. Congrats on triplets! Wonderful that your ewes can handle three little hungry babies. Studly Jefferson is definitely Da Man (or Da Ram as it were).! Thank you for the new baby pics - always good for some "awwwssss". We are waiting on the second small wave here - some of the goats are on a different schedule so are due in late March and early April - I love those goats - it is warm and lovely in Texas in April!

  5. Oh my! There's MUCH to be done around the farm this time of year, isn't there? Congrats on all the beautiful lambs. How sweet! Can't wait to see more pix. Take care of those woolly babies and get back to us when you can!

  6. Wow, you all have been busy! They are just adorable. Congratulations!

  7. Clearly I am an excellent influence. Feel free to name all the babies after me. *flex*

  8. Congrats on all the new babies! (Go, ram!! woohoo!)
    Cary's really grown...she's so much bigger and still a doll

    Can't wait to hear any and all of the stories I hope you remember when things settle down a bit...

    Happy days!!

  9. This post made me cry, tears of joy, could be because i am a new mother to a tiny baby as well. God, how wonderful leet'tle triples lambies.

  10. This is the time of year that I am most jealous ... no four legged animals to have babies on our farm ... sigh .... and no lambies to watch!

  11. Wow Cary's almost all grown up! Sounds like you're up to your ears in lamb's wool Farmgirl!! Cute babies...

  12. Triplets! I'm glad all is well - I otld Martyn last night you are way ahead of us here! I'm actually hoping we DON'T have any triplets, but Daisy is so big...Our real due date is 3/10 also - yes, MY birthday [thank you for remembering] and I'm thinking it might be wild and fun if all lambs come at once - what the heck -
    OK - I ate all those cookies, can you send more? Love to all the ne moms, babies and Sheperdess from Apifera...

  13. How exciting! I love this time of year on your farm! haha! And look at that stylish coif of Cary! She's adorable no matter how she wears her hair.. er, wool!

  14. What a sweet little baby...and two others to go with him...just brings tons of joy...

    I read Cary's story - and laughed and cried at the same time...what a great story...

  15. I would not get anything done with fellows like that sitting around. I'd have to camp out in the barn with them. I'm bad enough with a cat around for distractions but a whole bunch of 'SHEEPS' would kill me!!!!!



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