Friday, March 16

Farm Photo: 3/16/07

The Definition Of Relaxed

A year of Farm Photos ago:
World's Best Pillow (That's Martha and her 2006 twins. This year's mom pillow isn't quite as nice since Martha has already been sheared, but her new twin girls don't seem to mind.)


  1. Oh, Farmgirl, just who is this sweet baby!! Too cute for words!! Thanks for sharing! : )

  2. The cuteness does not end! How do you get on with normal life after seeing these photos? Or even better...being there with them?


  3. That is what I am going to feel like doing tonight after I tackle attempting to make the ultimate home made pizza tonight. Looking forward to your first session!

  4. Awe how adorable! But then baby cuteness goes a long way!

    Glad everyone is doing so well.

  5. She looks so blissed out. Aaaaah...

    Thank you for sharing, as always.

  6. Let me guess...he's drunk on mama's milk?

  7. That looks like what I wish I could be doing today instead of pulling weeds to get the garden ready for spring. Not my favorite thing to do, but it has to be done. I wish I had a black and white speckled lawn mower!

  8. wow! so cute!! i love little cuddly wooly lambs! i love visiting your blog and seeing all the pics of your animals!

  9. Oh.I.SO.Want.One. Adorable!

  10. The cuteness... it is almost painful..yet I cannot look away...!


  11. Around here we see that a lot... only with cats. :)

    You're making me want some larger relaxed critters!

  12. Hi Fancy Free,
    You're quite welcome. Always nice to hear from you.

    Hi Mumbai Guy,
    Yep. : )

    Hi Impossible Jane,
    How do I "get on with normal life is normal life! It's all lambs lambs lambs at this time of year. : )

    Hi Winedeb,
    So glad you're excited about are, too!

    Hi Azurelynn,
    Baby cuteness definitely goes a long way.

    Hi Anonymous,
    She does look blissed out. I think I need to keep looking back at this photo to remind myself to stay calm and not get freaked out over the next several lamb-filled weeks. : )

    Hi Sarah,
    Drunk on mother's milk--I love it.

    Hi Vickie,
    That's what I'm supposed to be doing now--pulling weeds. Maybe I should bring a couple of those black and white speckled lawnmowers into the garden with me. Oh wait. I did that last year--and the garden is still recovering, LOL.

    Hi Cell,
    So glad you're enjoying your e-visits to the farm. Thanks for taking the time to write. : )

    Hi Cate,
    You can't have one yet--they're too small to leave their mothers. You could, however, take a baby and mother--free lawn mowing and costs less than keeping a large dog. : )

    Hi Thalia,
    You crack me up.

    Hi Rurality,
    You definitely need to get some larger critters!


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