Thursday, March 15

Farm Photo: 3/15/07

Gang Activity

A year of Farm Photos ago:
One And A Half Anonymous Hay Eaters


  1. pic!

    Love the lambs! Do they all lighten to white eventually, and if not, is it possible to tell when they're small which will stay dark or not?

  2. I love the lamb pictures. Its amazing how huge your lambs look, even though they are newborn. The girls have had four lambs here so far and they are all either Shetland or half Shetland so they are tiny litte mites. Full of spunk though. I normally have some Dorset babies but decided not to this year, so they are all going to be itty bitty babies this year. Its a great time of the year! I enjoy your blog and always the pictures.

  3. Run Buddy - it looks like they're going to eat you!

  4. You better watch out for those gangs. I've heard about a new gang out there composed of new born lambs that attack humans for their organic oats and homemade bread.

  5. That is just the cutest darn picture!

  6. These pictures are great! Makes me really want some sheep!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Loudly out of my mouth, "LOOK AT THE BABIES!!!!" I am just in love. They are like Easter eggs; some solid, some speckled. Just too cute for words.

    My friend called and said they re-scheduled the shearing day and I am asking for the day off so that I can go. I am so excited the shearer couldn't come tomorrow. Best phone call this week!

  8. I still want to know - what the heck is Lucky Buddy Bear eating that the lambs would want? Sure looks like a gathering of the moochers!

  9. They look so inquisitive. I just love your lamb pics.

  10. Hi Robbyn,
    I love all the different colors and markings our lambs have--Doll Face's boy this year is the most beautiful gray color. Unfortunately most of them will bleach in the sun and will end up with white bodies (well, white when they're freshly shorn and clean, LOL) and dark faces and legs.

    However, my very first ram was a black Border Leicester, and since everyone in my current flock (except for the subsequent rams) is related to my original ewes, we do get some true black sheep popping out once in a while--though even their fleeces turn brown in the sun.

    Snugglebunny (who is black) had twin girls last year, and one of them stayed black. I don't know how to tell by looking at the newborn lambs whether they'll stay black or not, but I'm pretty sure we haven't had any true black lambs born to white moms.

    Click here to see how the brown girls get back in black when they're sheared.

    Hi Tammy,
    So glad you're enjoying my blog. Thanks for taking the time to write. I finally got to meet some Shetland sheep in person last year, and I was surprised by how small they are. Cute little things, though. So woolly!

    Our lambs look big this year for two reasons: 1) some of them, like Bruisie's boy, actually are huge and 2) this is the first year we sheared the sheep before lambing season, so the moms are a lot smaller than they normally are.

    Hi Jeph,
    LOL, that's too funny.

    Hi Jane,
    Oh thanks so much for putting that idea out there. That's all I need--lambs stealing my freshly baked bread! NOTE: NO sheep allowed to join A Year In Bread. : )

    Hi momadness and Anne,

    Hi Vickie,
    I think I need to e-mail you a batch of extra lamb pics. Wouldn't want you suffering from cuteness withdrawl or anything.

    Hi Linda Sue,
    LOL, Lucky Buddy Bear isn't actually eating anything--he's meticulously grooming his paws (Bear is a Genuine Self-Cleaning Dog, but that's a whole other story. . .). I didn't actually realize it looked like he was eating something until you mentioned it. What was so funny was that he was so engrossed in his paws that he didn't even notice the lambs moving in on him. (That or he was purposely ignoring them. : )

    Hi Jas,
    Thank you. Yes, baby lambs are extremely inquisitive. They investigate everything--it's so much fun to watch them exploring.

  11. Okay, that was a real 'duh' moment I had earlier earlier. Um, Tammy, of course I've had true black sheep born to white moms--since I started with white ewes and a black ram, I would have had to! Like I said, duh. : )

  12. I love them all - the Lucky Buddy Bear, the lambs, with their adorable black faces and shades of grey and blue and white....

    And seeing them all together, clusting around the Nanny Bear, is too sweet.



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