Friday, March 30

A Year In Bread Has Begun!

Homemade Pesto On Homemade Pizza

The baking stones are nice and hot, and scrumptious homemade pizzas have been flying in and out of ovens around the world. Beth, Kevin, and I are thrilled and amazed by the enthusiastic response to our new project we're calling A Year In Bread. It's 3 bakers, 12 months, 36 original recipes, and more fun than should probably be allowed in the kitchen.

The first bread we're tackling is pizza. Kevin and Beth have already posted their fantastic looking pizza dough recipes. Part of the project calls for us to test each others' recipes, and I can't wait to try these. Although I've been noticeably absent on the site, my pizza post will hopefully be up next Thursday, April 5th. I haven't started writing it yet, as things have been kind of crazy around here (I warned Kevin and Beth that lambing season was going to coincide with the launch of A Year In Bread), though last night I did manage to bake six different pizzas, including the one you see above.

Click here to read more about A Year In Bread. And click here if you're ready to jump in and start baking. Just remember--the site is a blog, so each new post is 'stacked' on top of the previous one. To begin at the beginning, you'll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page. And don't miss the comments sections--they're packed with all sorts of questions and answers, as well as helpful tips (yeah, yeah, none from me yet of course).

We've also created A Year In Bread flickr group, where you're invited to share up to three of your bread photos a week. I'm just getting the hang of flickr (and it really doesn't like dealing with dial-up), but I'm Farmgirl Susan if you'd like to add me as one of your contacts.

Ready, breadie? Then come bake bread with us!


  1. "A Year in Bread" is worth it. Great concept, great execution, great posts. It's a terrific service the three of you are doing.

    What happens to all your lambs? Or did I miss that post?

  2. I am visisting this site for the first time and am in awe at all the beautiful loving photos of sheep and lamb and dog and births and lambs..oh I am so pleased that I found you!NIce to meet you and when I am ready to bake bread I know where to go.Wonderful blog here! A pleasure to meet you!:)NG

  3. One of the (many) projects on our list is to build a bread oven outside for that al fresco pizza kind of moment. I bought Euan a book about it for his birthday which makes it all seem very easy . . . .

  4. This is so wonderful, the way you three bread genuises are coming will be a treat for all of us...thanks Susan!

  5. Drool! how yummy. I don't get to eat very much bread, but when I do I crave the best. None of that plastic wrapped supermarket bread for me. I crave a bread with "substance and goodness*
    Thank you for the superb recipes.

  6. For those of us with CT and a hate for kneading be given the Bread Machine version of recipes? Please, with millet on top? I don't even like to wedge clay when I'm in the Studio. If'n I was a pioneer woman, the hungry menfolk would have had to make do with crackers...LOL

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  8. Susan,
    That's a gorgeous pie. I've got Beth's dough in the fridge now.

  9. Kevin, you do? How cool! Well probably cold if it is in the refrigerator... This first month of A Year in Bread is a kick! People are so enthused about pizza crust. Who knew?

  10. Beth,
    We didn't know, but we suspected. Clearly we made the right choice for starting.


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