Monday, January 26

Monday Daily Dose of Cute: Wide Eyed & Wooly Tailed


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© Copyright 2009, the foodie farm blog where these wooly coats will come in handy tonight, since the sleet (2 inches predicted followed by ice and snow) is rat-tat-tatting on the windows and tin roof and rapidly accumulating, though technically I think it may actually be ice pellets coming down. After several hours of storm preparedness today, we're safely snuggled up tight with a huge pile of firewood by the old potbellied stove, and can only hope the sheep are curled together in their huts staying warm—though you never know with barnyard animals.


  1. Absolutely precious picture. Faces like that are why I have such a soft spot for them all!

  2. Your photos haven't been showing up for me lately. I don't have a weird browser or anything - Firefox 3.0.5 with no funny blockers or anything. I normally view your posts through Bloglines, but even when I click through to your site I don't see the image. Thought you should know.

  3. Possibly one of the cutest "daily dose of cute" pics! Eeep on the ice - stay safe (and safe thoughts to all the animals too)

  4. I love the new bigger photo size, especially with this cute face. Stay warm and dry.

  5. Ew. The dreaded "wintry mix." Good thing you don't have to drive anywhere. Stay warm!

  6. Isn't that definitely a face you could love! Too precious!

    Thank you so much.

  7. Your photo's haven't been showing up for me in the e-mail's that I get. I don't know what's going on.


  8. FYI - I'm not seeing photographs in Bloglines either though DO see them using Firefox on a Mac.

  9. I WANT A SHEEP!!!! So cute!!!

  10. Too cute!

    We're having similar weather. Our boss rooster walked out this morning and turned around and went right back into the coop. No chicken tracks in the snow at all today. Chicken chickens.

    Robin Wedewer

  11. You didn't tell us what you are baking to help keep you warm. ;)

    Here is a blog that I think you would really enjoy. It's the first one I read every morning. Since you are house bound, I thought you might have time to check it out.

  12. I just opened our back door to the sound of ice coming out of the sky and covering our land - wintry mix is not a favorite of mine. Love the picture, great expression - stay cozy and hooray for a good stack of wood.How funny - my verifcation word is asueness - I'm a Linda Sueness for sure

  13. I ADORE that face! Looks like he's waiting for a big smoooch, or at least a sheep hug. Congratulations on winning the 2008 award for Best Food Blog! Very much deserved.


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