Saturday, January 31

Saturday Daily Dose of Cute:
A Cold Breakfast Will Be Served in the South Pen

Oh Yay! It's Hay! (Again)

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© 2009, the foodie farm blog where what were you expecting—52 bowls of steaming hot oatmeal? And just for the record, all of those ice-caked critters could have spent the snowstorm in a nice cozy hut—including that stubborn little donkey.


  1. It's Dan! (I'm not sure how I feel about being able to identify a total stranger's donkeys by name.)

    As for the sheep, they've got built-in sweaters.

  2. I LOVE your blog :) Check it daily, but often forget to comment. This picture just makes me shiver!!

    I appreciated your post about the "reality" of life on the farm a few days ago. We are moving from our million-dollar-golf-course living to a 50 acre farm soon, & this is my biggest fear...walking that fine line of attachment to our animals & the reality of country living.

    Hearing your dose of reality was good...I would love to hear more stories like this in the future if you feel like writing any.

    You have a wonderful blog & always such inspirational stories!!

  3. Oh, I love these winter photos - they are so beautiful. Do these animals just prefer to be outside even if it is cold and snowy? Just given 'em some hay (or oatmeal!) and they're happy??

    They are beautiful!!

  4. Everyone likes a picnic - even sheep like dining alfresco (personally - it was wayyyy too fresco for me!) fun picture

  5. They (and children too) just don't feel the cold like we do.

  6. why is it that these adorable critters look so much MORE adorable when they're covered in snow!

    think dan and the sheep could take a lesson from your cats...whom i've yet to see sporting a snowy overcoat!

  7. Great photo! And I love the title you chose for this post. You are so creative.

  8. At least they have their winter jackets on.


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