Thursday, January 1

Thursday Daily Dose of Cute: Happy Happy, New New

Off to a better life - and a better name?

A couple of weeks ago Dolores' son Dinky, who was born back on July 2nd 2007, was finally picked up by his new owner—only a year after she had originally planned to come and get him. Sometimes things move at a much slower pace out here in the country.

In 2004, we started naming all the new lambs born each spring alphabetically: 'A' names in 2004, 'B' names in 2005, etc. This makes it really easy to remember who was born when, and it only took me nine years to come up with the idea. Other animals, such as baby donkeys, also get corresponding year/letter names, such as Esmeralda and Evie who were born last summer.

Since we knew that Dolores' darling little baby donkey would eventually be going to live with someone else (because you can't have two jacks together and Donkey Doodle Dandy is never leaving), we gave him the temporary name of Dinky. We figured the new owner could then give him a fitting (and of course much more manly) name of their own choosing.

Dinky isn't a hugger like Evie and Esmeralda are, but since he'll gladly take treats out of your hand I was able to lure him fairly easily into the trailer. His new owner (who fell in love with him at first sight) told me that Dinky spent the 40+ mile ride home alternating between peering out the little peephole by the cab of the truck at the scenery and poking his nose up to it in order to get a whiff of everything. Peek, sniff, peek, sniff, peek, sniff. Too cute. Upon arriving at his new farm, he leaped out of the trailer and headed straight over to an enormous Belgian horse who nuzzled him and held his giant head protectively over his new little pal's.

Dinky now has his own small flock of sheep to guard, and he loves his new life. But since his new owner says he "looks like a little grey mouse standing next to that giant Belgian," I'm afraid the name Dinky may have stuck.

Wishing you a new year filled with health, happiness, wonderful food, and lots of laughter—whether you're starting a whole new adventure or simply continuing the one you're already on.

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  1. So cute!

    Happy New Year and best wishes for 2009!



  2. I swear he's wearing eyeliner..what a cute little guy. I'm pleased to know he's found a friend at his new home.
    Good wishes to you too for 2009 and my thanks for the pleasure your farm stories have given me. Got to love those donkeys!

  3. I'm glad Dinky went to a good home. It's nice to see your babies settled somewhere that you know they will be loved.

    I really don't think Dinky is that bad a name. I am sure Dinky won't mind being called that for the rest of his life!

  4. Ohh. My heart hurts. I guess I hadn't thought about Dinky going to a new home and now I'm torn. I'm happy he is with the horse but sad he won't be with you anymore. But this is farm life and I'll just need to toughen up a little. Ouch.

  5. Sweet story - it is hard to pick names after the first 50 or so! Handsome little fellow and glad he has a "buddy" already. Happy New Year Susan and Joe and innumerable critters (especially the chickens - hiya chickens).

  6. Oh, that's a little sad though. I mean, I know he went to a great place, but it's always sad to see an animal you've cared for for so long go away. Especially if you've cared for it since birth.

    But I suppose you have enough OTHER animals to comfort you.

  7. What a wonderful tale (or should that be 'tail'?). It's great to know that Dinky is on to a happy new home, too!

    Happy 2009 to all!

    (Oh, and congratulations to the Knit Two winner!)

  8. ok. here i go again... i just GOTTA have me a donkey!!! every time you show us an adorable picture like this, i get this terrible hankerin' for a donkey... i can fit one in my one-bedroom apt! really! "no, mrs. landlord, he doesn't make messes! that's MY mess!...braying? oh, that's me, too! i like doing it early in the mornings!!" : ) happiest of new years to you, farmgirl!!! please keep postin' the photos and keep us wishin' for donkeys in our Christmas stockings!

  9. We name our sheep the same way.
    It works well.

    At present I have Allen & Archie as rams (out of a new ram last year) and the ewes range from Abby to Haily.

    I've been a sheep producer for over 17 years and it took me awhile to figure it out too!

    Names are better than numbers even if they are a little quirky.

    That said, on our place most of our animals get to earn their names.

    And if you ask me, I'd rather be a Dinky any day as opposed to Dorky :-)
    Wishing you the best in 2009!

  10. Dinky may not be the best name, but it's not the worst. Dingy? Dork? That Dinky, it is rather cute. :)

  11. We had a duck named Dinky and it stuck forever! -Even when he grew up and was the biggest duck we'd ever seen!
    Your Dinky is such a beautiful donkey - I'm so glad he's gone to a good home! Thanks for the wonderful stories & sharing your Farming Journey!
    Happy 2009!

  12. I love the Dinky story.

    And I love the Daily Dose of Cute. :)

    Keep it going, Farmgirl. I wish I could give one of your critters a new home.

    L'sigh. Someday the Unicyclist and I will move out of the big, dirty city into a space where we really want to be. Until then...

  13. I want a donkey and I have just the place for him. Do you deliver??

  14. Love the story of "Dinky". I hope he'll be happy in his new home. He sounds like he was right at home right off the bat.

  15. Dinky looks very wistful in the photo, I hope he's happy in his new home. Perhaps his new owner could take a photo of him, just so we know he's OK.

  16. Happy New Year to you :-) Naming the lambs alphabetically is a great idea. And such a cute picture too... the car ride had me smiling imagining it. I know he will do a stellar job with his new flock.

  17. Well if the name fits.... :-)

    Sounds like Dinky has a great new home.

    What a clever idea for naming your animals, mind if I borrow it?


  18. dinky's name suits him, somehow. glad he's found a nice new home!

    btw, i have a spring seed giveaway going over at my blog-

    stop by and check it out, if you'd like!

  19. Ok, I know I should be getting more from this post but OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!

    I get it now. Jack ass.

    That means male donkey.

    I'm slow, but eventually I catch on.

  20. Dinky for an adult donkey reminds me of those big guys who are still called Little Joey (or Little Whatever) from when they were 10 years old. And it's always some guy who's not just adult but large in size who keeps the "Little" name.

    (How do loaner donkeys work? Is board paid, or is boarding until pickup included in the cost of the donkey?)

  21. Happy New Year, Farmgirl! I was in your 'neighborhood' again yesterday, saw lots of donkeys and goats and even late calves scampering in the warm afternoon. Maybe one twas Dinky!

  22. Happy New Year! Your site is awesome, keep up the awesome work!

  23. Dinky is adorable. Just stopping by to catch up...sorry you were sick over the holidays. I have 4 currently sick and it started the Monday before Christmas. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  24. Aww!! He's sooo CUTE!!!

    & so happy to hear he's enjoying looking after the sheep!! lol!!
    & friends with the big horse!! so awesome!! :)


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