Thursday, January 29

Thursday Farm Photo: Lone But Not Alone

Enjoying a Little Quiet Time

© Copyright 2009, the foodie farm blog where I guess it's because I spent the first 26 years of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area (and decided to move to Missouri rather than to Maine or Minnesota 14 years ago) that I still feel a sense of wonderment every time we have a snowfall like this. It always feels so peaceful, too. And then the outgoing water pipes freeze (yet again). But at least we still have incoming water—and electricity!


  1. Peaceful is just what I thought of when I saw this pic. Gack on the constantly freezing pipes :-( Electricity is a good thing - I'd rather lose the outgoing pipes than the incoming if one direction has to go.

  2. Eek. Lone sheep always make me nervous. If they're not with the flock, I automatically assume something is wrong with them. So I stand there watching until the loner starts walking and I can see there's nothing grievously wrong with it.

    Yes, this is how I spend my days. It's an exciting life I lead.

  3. Beautiful in it's simplicity. Thank you.

    Great way to start my morning! Cup of coffee and your blog.

  4. Burrrrr...Looks really cold. :-)

    Love the blog!

  5. Hi Everybody,
    So glad you enjoyed the photo - it's one of my new favorites.

    I hear your fear, but not to worry this time - there were 27 sheep and a donkey just to the right of the picture. : )

  6. i adore your blog and the fabulous pictures! i am vicariously living on a farm through them. launched my own blog last week and would love for you to pop in some time!



  7. I have been thinking of you and Farm Man this week. You usually have the same weather as us, only I am on the southern end of the weather that is moving east. Glad you had electricity...

  8. I have no concept of this weather. It has been 76 degrees here in Texas this week. I do so love your blog. SusieAlene


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