Saturday, January 10

Saturday Daily Dose of Cute:
Let's Get Together, Yeah Yeah Yeah

Scooch Over, Dan

That's Better

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© Copyright 2009, the foodie farm blog where Donkey Doodle Dandy (who is all fluffed up for winter—so cute!) loves his herd and we don't think he regrets for a minute not being lone donkey on the farm anymore, but sometimes he likes to put a little space between himself and all those girls. (And in case you're wondering, that baling twine wrapped around the top of the gate was a vain attempt at keeping Marta—who is gigantic and yet can still magically get through anything—from climbing through it. A long overdue big white dogs update is hopefully coming soon.)


  1. Thank God you post pictures like this, Susan, and then point out things like the baling-twine fix. It makes me feel not so bad about the "temporary" cinder blocks on one side of the chicken coop that have been there since we built the thing, and honestly? Will probably never be replaced with anything classier, because they work.

    Junk farming at its finest.

  2. Hi Susan, Wonderful pictures, its good to see the whole donkey gang together.. Were is all the snow. We have a fresh coat/blanket of about
    8" today.. Keep warm and love the critters for me.

    Sharon in Western Michigan

  3. Very cute! I love the donkey updates, as well as the cats, dogs...well everything.
    umh.....what happened to the our beloved "award winning blog..."? I noticed the subtle change and think back to last years discussion. I guess change is good (sigh). Happy New Year!!

  4. I get it now (having checked the last couple of weeks entries very carefully) ~ you changed it at the new year. hmmmm
    I wonder if you could answer a mention donkeys guarding sheep (as in Dinky recently - a heart rendering entry I must say) do they really do this? and what do they guard from? surely not coyotes? or do they just bond with the sheep and become the dominant group member? An extended family maybe?

  5. Love it - the donkey crowd seems to be getting along well. I'd think it would always seem like a bit of a "hold your breath" when a new animal(s) is introduced to the others.... glad the new farm-mates are enjoying it. And lol on Marta the escape artist :-)

  6. You've got me singing that song now - let's get together yeah yeah yeah we'll have a real good time - wasn't that in the old Hayley Mills version of Parent Trap? Handsome DoubleDDan and his band of renown. Birthing yet at your place? I'm in countdown mode for the goatzees - full moon I thought would surely bring something on!

  7. I noticed that "award winning blog" was missing'll always be award-winning to your legion of fans!

    Love the donkey pix - you really make me want a donkey - which won't work in suburbia! I'm still 'farming' vicariously through you! Thanks so much for such a wonderful blog site.

  8. Dan is still cute as heck. And Sylvester the cat? Look out Tweetie bird; this one looks pretty darn savvy!

  9. I just love photos of your donkeys!!! They are such awesome creatures!!!

    Love your blog, too! Been reading for a couple of years, just not a big comment poster...but trying to do better in 2009!

  10. This made me laugh...which I really needed to do tonight. :)

  11. This made me smile and I'm still smiling.

  12. haha- soooo cute! Dan the Donkey!


  13. Ah - a donkey after my own heart! Charming pictures, as always - I do love those quizzical looks on their faces - and Dan the Man, taking a break from the girltalk - priceless.


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