Sunday, January 4

Sunday Farm Photo: Country Signage

In Need of a Little Touch Up

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© Copyright 2009, the foodie farm blog where the number one rule on a farm is that you should always leave a gate exactly how you found it (so, for example, your herd of adventurous donkeys doesn't escape into the wild blue yonder, which is exactly what happened last month when somebody left two gates open), but some people need a little reminder. Our neighbor's sign, which fell off the tree it was nailed to at the edge of our property and is now propped against the fence says: PLEASE KEEP GATE SHUT CATTLE INSIDE THANKS!


  1. We need to put up a sign on our gate explaining how to reach us to open the gate - don't want it optional since goats escaping onto a highway is NOT an easily remedied situation. Glad you were able to get your donks back all well and feisty.BTW - used to be people were taught to leave things as you found them if not better -- at least t'was a lesson when I was in school (Fred Flintstone sat behind me in 2nd grade I do believe). ahh thinking of others a lovely country trait - would be a fascinating world if people all over the place remembered to shut the gate, turn off the light, replace the towel etc. etc. etc. - end of rant - hope you are snug and warm - the freeze came through down here and not enjoying it - but dreaming of seed catalogs so spring isn't far away

  2. You would think closing the gate behind you would be an automatic thing. I wouldn't enter someones house and leave the door open, same with the gate. Just common sense and good manners. I'm glad you got the donkeys back.

  3. I hope you found all of the donkeys.

  4. Yipes, having a herd of roaming donkeys sounds somehow scarier than the herd of cattle, though I suppose the cattle are more likely to cause real damage? It's just the thought of the donkey's reputed personality I guess. I've never met one in person. Glad you were able to get yours back safe and sound :-) Leaving things the way one found them, you'd think that its something people would instinctively know, but sadly its not....

  5. That sign is cool, in and of itself. Someone who collects primitives would love to have it on the wall in a house. Especially with the leaves, etc.

    Make a new sign, take the old sign, sell it for $300!!

  6. Maybe you need a sign, too. Something along the lines of, "Close this gate behind yo--OR ELSE."

    Too threatening?

  7. I love your blog and the donkey pictures are just too cute! I imagine escapee donkeys are just about like escapee goats (something I know a little something about)no matter what kind of animal though it always takes longer to get them back where they belong than it would have to shut the gate in the first place. :)


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