Tuesday, January 13

Monday Daily Dose of Cute: Stand By Your Lamb

Lucky Buddy Bear and his extended flock

© FarmgirlFare.com, the foodie farm blog where Lucky Buddy Bear, who is half English Shepherd and half Australian Shepherd, loves his sheep so much he looks after them even when they're polar fleece. And if he could reach the laundry line while keeping all four paws on the ground, he would no doubt try to lick them dry because they're wet.


  1. You would think that I would get at least a little credit for making sure that you have fleece "lambie jams" and "sheep sheets!"

    Farmgirl's Mum

  2. Hahaha!! I LOVE the pajamas---too cute. I would expect nothing less from you, Susan.

  3. I love your Lucky Buddy Bear photos. I have a dog who looks very similar to him; she's also apparently got similar temperament and leanings (we call her our "mama bear").

    This is my "Saedy Bear," patiently standing right by the fence so Firefly can snuffle her repeatedly:

    All your photos are great, but I particularly adore the "Lucky Buddy Bear" posts.

  4. :-) Great pic! Though I have to ask, how can you still hang the laundry out in January??? It'd freeze in an instant up here...

  5. Nice to see our Buddy Bear keeping the flock well guarded - your fleecy clothes will not be coyote bedding!

  6. BEEEAAR!!

    Cute pajamas, too. But not as cute as my buddy Bear.

  7. Love the jammies and love the dog! Really, what more could a girl ask for?? ...and a really wonderful Mum, too, I'm thinking!

  8. Farmgirl Fare Jammies!

    Soon, you should have Buddy Bear Jammies. With perhaps a nice scene of Bear pilfering your vegetable beds?

  9. Too cute...I'm lovin those jammies.

  10. I love your blog and all the pics. Makes me want to pick up and move to a farm in the country...and I am so not a farm girl. It really would be a disaster. But the cute animal pics and the idea of having lots of animals...is enticing. My husband would think I've truly lost my mind. So for now, I'll live vicariously. Thanks for sharing!

  11. you know it is probably hard to say
    "sheep sheets" three times in a row real fast...lol
    the jammies look comfy...

  12. Laughing out loud! These are so cute.

  13. Ahh, that is so sweet! I also have a Buddy friend, he is part labrador part border collie. I suppose that makes him a labradollie!

  14. I totally love Lucky Buddy Bear - can't get enough photos of him.


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