Thursday, January 8

Thursday Daily Dose of Cute: Sylvester the Cat

He, Too, Likes to Ride Back and Forth on the Barn Gate

One of the best things about living on a farm? Having enough space so that you can say Of course! when somebody down the road calls you up and says, "Do you still want our cat, Sylvester? Because we can't keep him," right after you've adopted three cats from the animal shelter.

Sylvester is a super fluffy, almost two-year-old sweetheart who fell head over paws in love with Topaz the first time he laid eyes on her, and then spent the next several months following her around with a dreamy-eyed, goofy look on his face. Eventually he took the huge, hissing, claw-filled hints that his affections were most unrequited, stopped his embarrassing behavior, and set about claiming the territory around the sheep barn for himself and becoming a contented bachelor. He even has his own food bowl tucked up on a ledge in the feed room.

Annoyingly Cute

He prowls all over the farm and loves to hunt in the grass just beyond the kitchen garden, but his favorite spot this time of year is (much to my constant dismay) in the greenhouse, preferably curled up on a blanket that is supposed to be protecting my plants. I love Sylvester dearly, and he has become a great addition to the farm, but I can't believe he flattened my entire fall crop of arugula. And some other stuff.

Did I Do Something Wrong?

And of course every time you lose your temper and yell at him he rolls over and gives you this totally adorable, love-filled look that makes it completely impossible to stay mad at him. Until you want a salad.

Lately I've busted Topaz in the greenhouse along with Sylvester (a cat-proof greenhouse is very high on my wish list!), but at least she has the decency to lounge on one of my empty plant racks or cozy up in the wool cat bed I put in there rather than sprawl on the bravely struggling Swiss chard. I figure if you can't keep them out, you can at least try to lure them off the edible greenery (which she also doesn't seem to be eating anymore.) But so far Sylvester is refusing to play along.

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  1. What a beautiful cat!

  2. He's cute! Good luck with the arugula. It is my challenge every year to keep my cat from using my veggie garden as a litter box.

  3. I love fluffy cats. I know they can get gnarly hairballs, but still. Fluffy is cuter.

  4. Loving Sylvester - he could be a relative of my Moe The Barn Cat - who is developing an obsession with my containers for container gardening. I mean - he has acres to dig in - why there? Will have to put chicken wire or something down to keep Moe from moseying in my containers. You are blessed with so many beautiful cats - for now - just Moe for us.

  5. Yes, anyone have any ideas about how to keep the cats from pooping in the veggies? That cant be good!

  6. Oh, he is SO cute! I just think he's totally squeezable. Good luck keeping him off of and out of your salad fixin's. Cats aren't the best for taking orders, though. :)

  7. A fluffy tuxedo kitty? Be still my beating heart.

    The advantage to cats that like the garden, btw, is that they are pre-infused so they taste better.

  8. Well, who wouldn't love Sylvester??? He is adorable! He probably knows he's doing something he shouldn't be doing, but who can resist anything that cute??? I'd say a total sweetheart.

  9. He is absolutely gorgeous!! My Mom has a farm cat that looks very similar and is also names Sylvester!

  10. I love Sylvester! He reminds me of my Fiona, a long hair black and white female that I adopted from an agency that rescues animals about the be euthenized (did I spell that right?).

    Anyhow, don't you love that look they give you when you should be mad at them?

  11. There is a special place in heaven for cat-allergic souls who give homes to orphaned kitties!

  12. Your Sylvester is adorable! He sounds a lot like my Stripe...always into something, but too adorable to get mad at.

  13. Wow, he is a looker, and most completely huggable in that rolled over pose!

    Have you considered planting a cat-attracting plant, like Nepeta? Maybe he and Topaz would prefer to lay in it instead of on your veggies...

  14. What a cute cat. Great addition! More pictures, please.

  15. love that first photo--Sylvester has a black heart-nose!! : )

  16. Adorable that one is! Look at those eyes, melting there. And to your generosity as well, opening your farm and home to Sylvester like that. While I know that some people for various reasons can't care for their animals, it still makes me sad to think of the separation hardships the animals must face.

  17. Got to love a cat who loves good food! Sorry you didn't get to enjoy your arugula but at least someone did.

    Thanks for sharing. He is so cute. I wouldn't be able to stay mad at him either.

  18. Ever thought about using tomato cages cut in half to put over your beds? this would keep 'Sly' off your veggies.

    In the meantime, I have to wait to get a kitty. -sigh

    I also second the idea of a cat garden, Nepeta (catnip or cat mint) and wheat grass, I am sure there are other cat liked plants than blanket covered arugula.

  19. Oh, and what to do with baked bread that didn't rise all the way? Sides croutons I mean.

  20. Oh, my he is devine! I had a b and w cat named Melvin like Sylvester when I was a tenn. He was sweet too.
    I don't mind the lounging habits in the garden/greenhouse, it's the bathroom habits I have a problem with.

  21. Sylvester is utterly gorgeous! Who needs arugula and swiss chard anyway!? ;)
    A word about Topaz - when I saw her, I longed for my departed Mishka - my 20+ year old tortie who left us over a year ago. When clicking on your picture of her (to enlarge it) - I can almost feel the fur - and that orange foot - I used to tell Mish: "silly girl, you picked up the wrong foot when God send you here - it doesn't match the others". Silly. I miss her so much, even though I have 5 still. I love your blog.

  22. I have a female cat named Miss Kitty that looks just like your Sylvester. We got her from a shelter after she had a litter of kittens. All of the kittens were adopted but not her. We took her home and she is very happy here. She is the best cat we ever had. Right now, she spends her days either in front of our pellet stove soaking up the heat or under the Christmas tree.

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Nice job.

  23. Awww seeing Sylvester makes me miss our Honey..she passed away this past summer. He's a handsome one!

  24. The cat is cute and fluffy.

  25. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the wonderful comments and for sharing stories about your own cats. I love reading them. And thanks, too, for giving Sylvester such a warm welcome! Yesterday Joe said to Sylvester, "You're a blog star, buddy!" : )

    You asked for ideas on how to keep the cats from pooping in the veggies - that's a good question. Cats love fresh garden dirt! (Ick.) I've noticed that if I mulch around plants then it isn't nearly as inviting to the cats as bare soil. I think it appears less diggable. : ) I use grass clippings around smaller plants, manure bedding hay from the barn (like in this photo) for tomatoes and other larger plants, and if I don't have any mulch handy (or am feeling particularly lazy) I simply pile on the weeds I just plucked out - works great and improves the soil as well!

    Use bread that didn't rise all the way to make homemade breadcrumbs! Just whiz slices (fresh or toasted) in the blender or food processor and store in the freezer in a plastic container or zipper bag.

    Oh, that's so sweet. I love Topaz's two different colored front paws - they're so silly and cute. : )

  26. Oh my goodness, that cat is adorable! I love his little nose! That's great that you were able to take care of him (but not so great that he destroyed your arugula!).

  27. Hey there stranger, how's it going? I'm surprised nobody has said he's almost a contender for those cats on


    He's a cutie.

  28. I love a big cat! He's gorgeous. I have a 13lb cat named Iris who does the same "I'm so cute. What could I have possibly done wrong" antics when she's busted doing the naughty things she loves to do on a daily basis. When she rolls over and gives me the big belly shot, I'm a goner and she knows it.

  29. He really does look like Sylvester doesn't he? I love how he lays on everything (of course I do because he is not laying on my greens) and then rolls over. What a great cat.

  30. Oh my goodness I love sylvester! What a cutie! Shame about the arugula. Could you put harmless spikes in the ground or something?

  31. He is such a great cat. I am such a cat lover and I just want to squeeze him up. I feel your pain with him squashing your arugala. I also love arugala. That is hard one vs. arugala. But man...perfect name, perfect cat. His personality comes shining through your pics. Its just too much.

  32. Hi Farmgirl - Wishing you a belated Happy New Year!

    Sylvester is one lucky cat to live in such a great place.

    Your Swiss Chard pizza looks awesome!! I'll have to try it next time I make pizza.

    Please check your e-mail, I'm sending you a request.



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