Thursday, January 22

Thursday Farm Photo: Winter Fuel

Filling Bellies and Warming Bodies

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© Copyright 2009, the foodie farm blog where due to unknown circumstances, our wonderful wood block supply fell through after only two deliveries, so we're back to cutting, splitting, loading, unloading, and stacking lots and lots of firewood—though fortunately not in the snow (at least not yet). And while I say 'we,' the division of labor is far from equal in this area, since all I usually do is help toss wood into the truck (while thinking about food the entire time). This girl draws the line at running a chainsaw—I leave that to my hunky farmguy.


  1. Cutting, sawing, I am always impressed by those who can gather their own fuel. One of the hardest things to do IMO. How often will you all have to do rounds of cutting? Can it be stored to any appreciable degree?

  2. I love this photo...looks like it could be on my family's ranch...with my dad collecting firewood.

  3. AMEN. I refuse to run the chainsaw, too. I'm pretty sure I would cut off an appendage, since the thing weighs like fifty pounds. I will, in dire circumstances, split wood, but I much prefer the loading and stacking.

    And guess what we have on our agenda for tomorrow? Yup, splitting and stacking. Because our wood pile has gotten alarmingly low and it's supposed to be 10 degrees for a high on Sunday. CODE RED!

  4. Great photo.

  5. I made a $20.00 donation to the Place to Bark site! I hope she wins! Makes me believe there are angels on earth.

  6. I love the site of piled firewood.
    As a little girl I would rather pile firewood than vacuum.
    I was tentative about using a chainsaw too but with the right equipment,loggers chaps and helmet with mesh visor and ear muffs it's GREAT FUN!!! Once I get started I have a hard time stopping because I enjoy it so much.
    Most newer models of chainsaws are light-weight and have a brake that stops the chain from moving when you're moving around. A~

  7. Geez - no one light a match near that photo!

    Glad you're keeping warm out there. Even the sheep on your blog header look a little chilly. (So cute, btw, have you always had a winter header?)

  8. No reason you can't chainsaw. As long as you have a good teacher it isn't hard. Or even dangerous if you're cutting logs to length on flat ground. Just loud.

  9. I just discovered you and absolutely have fallen in love. We use wood to heat with, too. For some reason our wood hasn't been as good this year as in years past. LOve you photos and stories.

  10. DH bought "me" an electric chain saw which is much lighter and easier for "me" to handle - strange how whenever I ask if "me" can use it - he has some malarkey reason he has to use the big manly gas powered nightmare machine! Wise choice Susan - chainsaw is one of those things I CAN do but prefer not to.

  11. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks to you all for taking the time to write. You know I always love hearing from you!

    Hi LIC,
    We'll have to cut firewood several more times this season. We only cut a pickup load of wood at a time (though it's a big flatbed truck bed) and go through quite a few cords of wood - especially now since we're heating two buildings.

    Firewood isn't affected by the temperature - though if it's really cold sometimes the logs will freeze together and you have to whack them with a piece of wood to set the free. And of course if you forget to cover up your wood before a snowstorm it's a little more difficult to burn. ; )

    Hi Finny,
    Actually I've been switching between three different seasonal headers since fall 2005 - there's the spring/summer one when the trees are green, fall colors and no leaves, and then this winter one with the snowflakes. But I don't think a lot of people actually notice the changes. ; )

    A mini version of the autumn one is actually up on my google search page - simply type in something you want to search for in the box at the top right of the page and it'll pop up.

    Hi Betty,
    Welcome to the farm!


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