Tuesday, July 11

Daily Farm Photo: 7/11/06

Donkey Daycare For Cary Today

A year of Daily Photos ago: One Fine Daylily

Thank you all so much for the wonderful happy birthday wishes!


  1. This picture is so sweet - it really made my day! Thank You. I check your blog every day but I've never commented before. Thank you for sharing your life on the farm with us. When my office gets crazy, I pop on here and enjoy the scenery. It's really a joy to have your blog just a click away!

  2. Farmgirl,

    I, like so many others, am a big fan of your blogs and recipes!

    I made the Emergency Chocolate Cake and think it is perfect! The first go 'round was perilous due to loaf pan size but the second time I made it in a bundt pan and had 100% success. No drooping in the middle, either! Wonderful!

    Thank you for taking the time to brighten the day of so many people!

  3. look at those EARS!
    lovely... i miss living on the farm

  4. And thank YOU for the DDD & Cary post! What a day-brightener!

    FG, I'm thinking back to that post from last year where you said that the first time DDD brayed, you thought he might explode. Is there any way you could record Dan's heeee-hawwww and put it on this blog? That would be both instructional AND hilarious. :-P

  5. I have to comment this time!! I absolutely love your blog. Especially since everyday I can open it up and know that something will be here!!
    You have given me a renewed sense of keeping up with my own blog!!
    Also, your blog has so much interesting stuff that I totally forgot (until reading megan's comment) that you have RECIPES on here. The main reason why I found you in the first place!!
    I will be attempting to make your emergency chocolate cake wheat-free, so will let you know how it goes!!
    Keep up the good work!!

  6. Adorable picture! I love coming here...lol

  7. Your blog is a meadow of sunshine in a crevasse of uninspiring! Thank you, FG! Your blog relaxes me and always makes me smile! Living in the middle of suburban America, it's so great to see a slice of bucolic beauty!

  8. Hey, look at that precious little baby peeking around there

  9. It's good to see that Cary is in good hands(?).

    This photo sort of makes me sad. The baby is old enough for daycare! I think she knows the days of grazing in the living room are coming to an end.

  10. That Dan is a Donkey of Many Talents!

    I'm with Miss Kitty - you shoudl record Dan's "heeeee-haaawww!" and add it to the site!! :)

    It would also be cool in your children's books that you need to write.

  11. Such a sweet picture. I'm sure Dan will do a wonderful job of taking care of Miss Cary for the day.

  12. That is the cutest picture! They are looking at you like why am I in here, and your on the other side of this fence. Nice shot!

  13. dear Farmgirl Susan,
    A huge thank you and congratulations for trying to be the first person to comment on my blog! Glad you got the humour! Thanks so much for the recipes. Now all I have to do is learn how to post photos on the blog and you'll be able to see a dinky di true blue aussie farm (and we're about to celebrate 100 years of wilkinsons at "Adamilla" of which my DS, Jack, is the fourth generation).
    Have been enjoying your daily photos - keep up the hard work on the land!


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