Wednesday, July 12

Daily Farm Photo: 7/12/06

Donkey Daycare!?

I'm Fine

Yesterday's Daily Photo of Cary being placed in Donkey Daycare was such a hit I thought I'd go ahead and share two more pictures from yesterday morning, especially since Miss Kitty mentioned Dan's braying. (Click here to read more about that and to see another photo of Dan in full braying action.) As far as my somehow recording Dan's "heeee-hawww" and having it play here, um, that is so beyond my technical capabilities I can hear Dan laughing at me from out in the field a half mile away. (I still haven't even figured out how to use the movie feature on my camera. Or taken my new-but-probably-already-obsolete photo printer out of the box. I'll stop here before I really embarrass myself.)

And then when I read Jeff's suggestion that I also incorporate Dan's recorded voice into the children's book I'm supposed to be writing, the first thing that immediately came to mind was the image of a very small child opening the book and being scared to death by the sound of a donkey on the verge of exploding emanating from the pages. But then late last night as I approached the barn for a final sheep check, I heard these amazing frog sounds and thought, These could go in the book, too! I used to think it was the animals who were making me nuts, but now I'm starting to think it's actually the crazy ideas you're all putting into my head!

A year of Daily Photos ago: Dinner!
It's very interesting for me to look back and see what I was taking pictures of around the farm exactly one year ago. It's often the very same thing I'm photographing now. Earlier this morning I filled that same stainless steel colander with the same kind of beans (Straight 'N' Narrow), and I was thinking about digging up the first potatoes. Today's beans, however, are headed for the freezer. I'm too busy working my way through the seemingly endless crop of Dragon Langerie beans (which I only like raw--and absolutely love dipped in homemade blue cheese dressing). And besides--one of my favorite things to ask Joe in the dead of winter is, "How about I pull out some green beans for dinner?" to which the reply is always a resounding "Yes!"

Okay, I have to go check the kitchen for rainfall (leaky old farmhouse roof, for those of you now thinking, "What?") since it just started pouring outside. Boy, my laundry technique is really working! I hope to have a chance to reply to more of your comments and answer questions (about the tiny turtle and the cat cabin, where the llama and chicken photos are, etc.) later today, but by now many of you know that I've had to stop making promises, as farm life usually consists of moving from one unplanned distraction to another! Thanks as always for your patience.


  1. I love pictures of Dan. I just love donkeys.

    As for your photo-printer? I have one too. Not hooked up, in the cupboard in my old schoolhouse desk. Not being used .. for over two years now I think. You're not alone!

  2. Hilarious photos again, FG, two days in a row! Poor Cary looks sooo concerned for her Uncle Dan in the first one, as DDD's letting loose; then in the second one, she looks calm again. I don't think Lucky Buddy Bear is affected at all. That's dogs, though.

    I'm trying to figure out a way to record and post the various cluckings of my hen, Myrtle Mae: the Mama-I-just-laid-an-egg cluck, the Mama-I'm-in-trouble cluck, the worried/fussy cluck, etc. As soon as I figure out how to do it, I'll let you know. There has to be a relatively cheap way to do it without using or buying much new junk for the computer.

  3. I thought the picture you posted yesterday was great, but these 2 are just awesome! Too funny!

  4. I think I can hear "Dan Dan the Donkey Man" all the way down here!!!

  5. So thats what happens when you lick a lamb.

  6. Aw, what an animal lover's delight! Beautiful creatures and wonderful photo!

  7. You are just great. I love your blogs, your tales and the way you tell them. Believe me I can hear your donkey over here in England. I look forward spending EVEN MORE time than I already have reading about your life and trying some of your clearly delicious recipes.

  8. You should post Dan's braying via video!

    Seriously, so easy. Bust out your camera and put it on video mode. Take a video of him braying (it will record all the sound) and then upload it to Google Video. When it's live on Google Video, you can post it right to blogger from the "Post to Blogger" link on the right side of the video.

    If you want some examples of this in action:

    Granted, it's no Donkey, but it certainly is noisy. (Sidenote: That's my Kansan hubby slicing BBQ. YUM.)

    Go for it! We want Farmgirl Video!

  9. I thought about your laundry technique today, when we got passed over on rain. It has been a month and I really wanted that rain.

  10. Very cute picture! I love all of them animals!

  11. Hello Farmgirl Susan. Wow - A full year of photos for a while now. Never a dull moment on the farm -- so much activity followed by relief when its all said and done. Love the pics of the crew inside the gate. Noticed Dan is sporting a halter these days - why is that?

  12. OK I don't usually leave comments and just check in, but Dan & Co. are great. What sweet faces on all, thanks for sharing those daily peepholes into a great place. And I'm not sure we need the sound--I can almost hear him.

  13. ...the first thing that immediately came to mind was the image of a very small child opening the book and being scared to death by the sound of a donkey on the verge of exploding emanating from the pages.

    I just went back and re-read that, and almost peed myself laughing. Actually, that'd be kind of funny to freak out little kids with a big "heee-hawww!" from a book--like those pop-up books from childhood taken one dimension further.

    There's probably a good reason why I haven't been blessed with children. :-P

  14. Success! We have entered your mind! Mwuahaha!!!


    Great pics again, FG Susan - I love your farm!! Please adopt us. Joe can figure out how to do the Dan recording. I'll earn my keep by collecting chicken eggs....all 2 of them. Har :p

  15. Success!! I made your emergency chocolate cake yesterday with good results. I had to make it wheat free and did I mention dairy free also, and it still turned out good!! You were right, it does taste better the second day around!!

  16. The people on the other side of us have donkeys, and while I like to hear is very loud if they are close to our fence and can about scare the pee out of you. Sometimes it sounds like they are in great pain although I'm fairly certain they're not. Love country living though!

  17. too cute for words!!!! cute overload!!!

  18. I searched blogger for farm and sheep and found your blog. It is wonderful! I am interested in food and cooking, too. I would love to own a farm and raise sheep someday. By the way, my name is Susan, my birthday is July 11, and I live in Missouri.

  19. my son loves the eric carle books that all have a sound feature on the last page. love your blog :)


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