Thursday, July 27

Daily Farm Photo: 7/27/06

Donkey Doodle Dandy Enjoying An Organic Carrot Breakfast

So just why is my adorable, totally spoiled, all-slicked-out-for-summer donkey wearing what is no doubt the most pathetic looking halter on the planet? (There was no way I could post this photo without acknowledging the embarrassing state of this halter.) Check back later for the answer (actually tomorrow might be a safer bet). Right now I have to go--Cary is calling me.

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  1. My guess is he lost a bet with the chickenz and had to wear it...?

  2. I know that the halter in not the best lookin' but remember old worn out duds are the best hands down! Becides your donk is stunning any way you look at him!

  3. I ADORE donkeys. I really want one someday, preferably a miniature one. Dan is one dapper fellow!

  4. Awe, Dan getting a snack! Got some fresh ones for the human carrot lovers?

    Have a great day!

  5. The key to fashion is not necessarily what you wear but how you wear it and Dan wears his halter with laid back style and panache.

  6. Tell Dan I have carrots here if he ecides he doesn't like Missouri anymore.

  7. My guess is he has a new one, but it's not ready to wear for some reason.

  8. Dan is saving his good one for prom night. Is he taking Cary?

  9. I wast just wondering: how do you manage to fit everything into 24 hours? Beeing a good mother to Cary, taking pictures for the daily photo (I'm addicted to them - it's the first thing I check in the morning...), cooking, beeing a good wife, having a huuuuge farm. Wow! It's so funny to read your posts, thank for that!

  10. He's a Dapper-Dan-Donkey!:)


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