Sunday, July 23

Daily Farm Photo: 7/23/06

As we surveyed the various fallen trees and tree limbs on our way back to the house after tucking in the sheep for the night, the conversation went something like this:

"We need to think about fixing the chipper shredder."

"It's broken?"


"Still? Like from a couple of years ago?"


"We never fixed it?"


"Are you sure?"


"What's wrong with it again?"

"An important bolt fell out of it."



Country time. Country talk

So in the meantime, we've hired a Professional Crew. . .

To eat up the mess.
(The one sitting down is the supervisor.)

A year of Daily Photos Ago:
Eighteen-Year-Old Gretel Soaks Up The Sun

(And now at 19, she's doing just fine.)


  1. Too funny! I love both the "broken shredder" and the "hired crew".

    Hope your having a good day!

  2. Oh, sweetest! I'm sure your "hired crew" are doing an excellent job with the post-storm cleanup. And hey, more fresh tasty leaves for the animals. Hooray!

  3. Look at Dan he really is the cutest. I need to hire your crew. I have blackberry brambles and brush to be taken take of.

  4. The professional crew is the greatest. And the supervisor is always sitting down, you've got that right!

  5. Gotta love country talk! Added this comment to your heart shaped rock post, sorry ;) It's been a very long day!

    It is good to read that you're sounding relaxed about what has happened Farmgirl. Hoping your clean up is progressing.


  6. The "important bolt" thing made me laugh, I used to fill my garage with tools and things that needed fixing that I never got around to. People wonder why old barns are always filled with such cool stuff... well there's your answer.

  7. You don't know me from Adam... but I am a big fan now. I am addicted to your photos and stories. Today's is a riot...

  8. Love the country talk! Made me chuckle. Yep!
    Love your blog, been visiting it for about a month now, definately one of my favorites!


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