Monday, July 10

Daily Farm Photo: 7/10/06

BB (born in 2005) & Her Mother Tana Are Always Together
here to see another recent photo of these two black beauties.

A year of Daily Photos ago:
Molly Doodlebug Makes Her First Appearance


  1. Happy, lovely sheep. I love these pictures.

  2. They look so happy to be together!

    Is it wrong that I find the matching shaving lines on their bums really funny?

  3. The saga of your sheep is seriously addictive for me, as much as Meercat Manor

  4. BB and Tana are so cute!
    I love your photos. They make me smile every time, no exception! It's like an endorphin rush every day.

  5. Hey now! I'm a mother!

    : D

    (Pssssst. Can I get you to change the name of "Small Farms" to "I Heart Farms"? Fanx, dawl.)


  6. What sweet little babies !!

  7. They look so happy and content. Beautiful sheep!

  8. Looks like a lifelong bond! How lucky they are!!

  9. Do you ever post any pictures of your Llamas or Chickens? I don't think I've seen any yet.. Not that pictures of your other animals aren't as wonderful, I'm just curious to see them :-)


  10. Yah Chloe. The llamas are boring but we are dynamic. More poultry pictures for the fans!


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