Thursday, July 13

Daily Farm Photo: 7/13/06

Looking Up While Tucking In The Sheep Last Night

Yes, I know. I never got back to your questions and comments yesterday, and I'll be offline the rest of today and most of tomorrow. But upon my return, I'll do my best to catch up on everything from the tiny turtle (who has been named & set free--don't worry I have farewell photos) to the mysterious appearance of the bright blue halter on Donkey Doodle Dandy (which was finally mentioned by Heather.) I'd been wondering how long it would be before someone remarked on it--weeks and weeks! So when will all this catching up occur? Oh, I'm sure you know the answer to that--

A year (and a day) of Daily Photos ago:
Heading Out For Breakfast

Actually, this is the 7/12/05 Daily Photo. All day yesterday I kept thinking it was the 13th, so naturally my morning post included a link to the 7/13/05 photo. Oops.


  1. Hi Farmgirl,

    I've been away for a little while, so may have missed something. Are you having trouble catching the Donkey Doodle Dandy these days? Is that what's up with the blue halter? Our horses got out this week on Tuesday morning, and 4 were amenable to being caught and going back to the stable, 1 (my percheron) was not! That's always fun.

    I do hope that you will write that children's book.


  2. Farmgirl! (And everyone else who reads FG!)

    I have stumbled upon the very most easy way for you to capture DDD braying and to post it! Blogger offers Audio Blogger where you call a phone number, record a message and then choose to post it to your blog. Genious!

  3. Upon mentioning the whole halter issue I searched your blog to find pictures of said Donkey. Now, then.. as of May 18 Sir Dan has a halter on. However, on the 23rd of same month Dan is minus his blue adornment. Which came first the halter or the Donkey? So, Dan has been wearing his blue adornment since middle of May -- right about the same time that Dan had his feet pedicured.

  4. Gorgous sunsent! Love all of your pictures. All of your stories remind me of my childhood and visiting my aunt and uncle's llama farm in Oregon.

    Keep it up!

  5. I look forward to your blog everyday! The animals are wonderful and so is your commentary! You didn't mention what you did for your birthday...I'm so curious.

  6. Farmgirl

    Do you still write about your farm experiences or is it mostly photos these days?

  7. Good morning Farmgirl!

    Love your site and visit it often , the recipes are fabu! Just wanted to caution leaving a halter on DDD all the time (if ya are, and if it's not a break-away type)we had a pony get his hind leg caught in one in the night and by the time we found him in the morning, well, it wasn't pretty. Love all your pics, too. Keep doing what your doing, it gives pleasure to many.

    Happy farming!

    Joan in PA

  8. Hi IGO,
    Great to hear from you! No, I'm not having trouble catching up Donkey Doodle Dandy. Of course, I'm not the farrier. : )

    I don't envy you and your escaped horses, though I sure know what it's like to chase around animals who do not want to go where I want them to!

    Hi Megan,
    Thanks for the audioblogger info. Neat idea. However, I am having a little trouble picturing me down by the barn with the phone, rapidly punching in the number while Dan is doing his hee-hawwwww thing, hoping that he doesn't stop before we get connected. Will have to think about this. : )

    Hi Fancy Free,
    So glad you like the Donkey Daycare photos. Re DDD up close on audio, see above. : )

    Hi Heather,
    Good investigative work. However, I think one of those "no halter" photos in May isn't of DDD at all, but the elusive woodland donkey I spotted in the forest one day. : )

    Hi Skilz,

    Hi Regina,
    Thanks for all your kind words. As far as what I did on my birthday--I'm afraid it doesn't make for thrilling commentary. : )

    I had a very quiet day (due partly to the fact that I placed Cary and the rest of the flock in a large Donkey Daycare pen), most of which was spent lazing around, trying to do nothing (which I'm not very good at), and grazing on various favorite foodstuffs. Click here to read a little bit about what I enjoyed from the garden in this post on my kitchen garden blog.

    Since this is a food blog, I suppose I could tell you a some more about the food. Breakfast was a warm oatmeal currant scone pulled from the freezer (there is nothing more wonderful than having homemade frozen baked goods around), slathered with plenty of organic butter and washed down with two very large cups of cafe au lait made with some amazing organic coffee I've been loving lately from Counter Culture Coffee. While I definitely urge people to eat locally whenever and however they can, when it comes to coffee. . . well, if you don't happen to live in Hawaii or some far flung tropical country, "drinking" local is pretty much impossible. Of course the next best thing is supporting a fabulous little coffee roaster in your neighborhood. But if the nearest one of those is about 200 miles away, then I say embrace UPS. And if you're going to mail order coffee, you might as well go for the really good stuff. Behold Counter Culture Coffee. Neat people. Great values. Delicious coffee. I urge any coffee lover to check out their extremely informative website.

    Okay, what else did I eat on my birthday that isn't mentioned in the above link? I'm blanking out now, as visions of iced coffee are taking over my brain (did I mention that breakfast cafe au lait was topped with one of my favorite foods--whipped cream? : )

    Oh! There was popcorn to go with the movie I watched, and champagne, and organic chocolate. And that was pretty much it. I think.

    I had planned to harvest the first beets from the garden and make some of the caramelized beets with garlic that I love so much, but somehow I just didn't find the time (or stomach space).

    Hi Ruralist,
    I haven't been posting any long stories about farm life on Farmgirl Fare, but there are quite a few little bits and pieces about the daily goings-on here in the archives. Look in the sidebar under "PREVIOUS POSTS: FARM STUFF."

    Hi Mama Mohnster,
    So glad you're enjoying your e-visits to the farm (and my recipes). Thanks for the very important advice. I don't plan to keep a halter on DDD all the time, but I am definitely going to look into the break-away type of halter you mentioned. And I'm so sorry about your pony.

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks. It is so easy for me to get lost in the clouds. I just love them--and the fact that they are constantly changing. So mesmerizing.

  9. P.S. Regina,
    I can't believe I forgot the brownies. : )


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