Saturday, July 1

Weekend Cat Blogging:
Sharing Your Snack with a Lamb in the Living Room

Don't know who Cary is? Meet her in A Tiny Tail for Mother's Day.

If you are the mother of a small child, you and the child probably spend a fair amount of time in the yard or the park so the child can play in the fresh air.

If you are the mother of a little lamb, you and the lamb spend an inordinate amount of time in the yard or the garden or standing out in a field so the lamb can eat.

If it is 94 degrees in the shade and humid as all get out, neither mother nor lamb really wants to be hanging around outside in the sun. So what to do? Harvest lunch and bring it in the house for your little darling, of course. (I draw the line at peeling grapes.)

Naturally the Queen (as in Reigning Terror) of the Indoors, Molly Doodlebug, aka The Doodle Monster, assumed the nice pile of fresh green grass sitting on the living room floor was for her.

Cary knew better.

This scene almost appears peaceful, but I wouldn't exactly call these two friends. I was unable to capture the hissing, nor do I have photos of The Doodle Monster taking a couple of swipes at Cary when she thought I wasn't looking.

With a lamb in the living room, every day is a new adventure.



  1. I can only imagine what the "real scene" was like.

  2. well, even though I can imagine the hissing, it does look quite peaceful when the Doodlebug has her head down.

  3. I'm up in Toronto on vacation enjoying a great big laugh at those pictures of Cary. Thanks for being such a great Mom!!!

    I wish I could send some of this cooler air down to you to.

  4. adorable!!!!! I love that scene...

  5. Cary is so cute... and she's getting so big! Must be all that gourmet grass you're feeding her!!


  6. OK, I have to ask. My lambs and sheep poop and pee when they are happy, scared, sad, sleepy, eating, resting, drinking water, standing do you keep Miss Cary from doing that in house? Or not
    Just curious. PS. We're off to look at that donkey again today...]

  7. There's my girl...the Doodlebug !

  8. LOL I bet hooves are GREAT on hardwood floors!? Loud if nothing else?

  9. You just blogged a great book title about you and Cary... "Lamb in the Livingroom."

    Love your blog!

  10. Ahem. Is that little girl housebroken? Seriously, what do you do about potty issues?

    And I could definitely hear the hissing. Very eloquent, those pics.


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