Sunday, January 18

Sunday Farm Photo:
Crossing Over to Bigger and Better Things!


There's nothing like an arctic blast to inspire a girl to hunker down and spend countless hours cozied up to her computer working on some blog changes she's been wanting to make for, oh, a couple of years. There are lots of things I still want to add and tweak over the next few weeks (months? decades?) in order to make this site more user friendly and enjoyable to look at, but the biggest challenge—adding the left sidebar—is done.

I'm really excited about the larger photos, especially since I've finally decided to buy a digital SLR camera—something else I've been thinking about doing for a couple of years. And I can hardly wait to unveil the new header illustration being created by the wonderfully talented Liselotte Weller, who designed the current ones after we met back in 2005 during the hilarious Farmgirl Fare Name That Sheep Contest.

But right now the sun is shining and the temperature is back up into the double digits, so enough of this inside stuff. Figuring out html code when you pretty much have no idea what you're doing is an interesting challenge, but I'm starting to go a little stir crazy (and I haven't even touched my kitchen garden blog template yet). I just finished mixing up a batch of Honey Bran Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread dough, so now it's time to head outdoors to catch up on chores, hang a little laundry on the line, hug some neglected sheep, and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day on the farm!

© Copyright 2009, the foodie farm blog where the boys in this photo (which I took back in April 2008 and promptly forgot about) did eventually muster up the courage to cross the wet weather creek in order to get back to their barn—but, unlike puppies, they always hate getting their hooves wet, though not nearly as much the donkeys do.


  1. already moving things around - it happens this time of year - cabin fever may have been the progenitor of many great inventions during the frontier days! Looking forward to the changes - especially when they include seeing the new bakery/non Shack home!

  2. ...Hello, I just found you thru Ward Street Bistro and am I ever glad I did! Your site is fantastic! :o)

    ...Can't wait 'til I can stay longer, I've already been pokin' around your site for the past hour Great stuff!

    ...See you again soon...

    ...Blessings... :o)

  3. Hi there! I'm delurking to tell you that there is an award for your blog waiting on mine.

  4. The new layout is looking good. I love the larger photos. Congratulations on the new camera - can't wait to see lots of new photos.

  5. I like the new look. It has a more clean look to it. And you don't need to scroll so much as it was ALL on the right side!

  6. Just curious, how did you manage to get the larger photo?

  7. I love the new look. Just the bigger photos are a bonus. Thanks for doing all this work, I appreciate it. (which makes it sound like you did it just for me - bonus!)

  8. Looks great! You are going to love that camera.

  9. Oh yes the Name That Sheep contest! Hilarious for sure, we had so much fun! A new header? Wow and I already loved this one. (I really really need to do something about mine..)

  10. The new look is great - especially the way you used pictures for the left sidebar :-)
    And thank you for posting that link to the bread, I'm adding it to my bread rotation.

  11. Well, kudos to you for even attempting HTML code. I'm frightened of such things. Thanks God for Blogger and their "Bloggin for Dummies" hosting.

  12. hmmmm reminds me I should bake some bread today!

    I love the sheepies. Your photos are just wonderful.

  13. I like the new set up...alot! I have always loved your blog as a lurker but now, I'm a commenter because it is so much more user friendly! Very cool.

  14. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the positive feedback! Little by little I'll whip this blog into bigger and better shape. ; )

    Welcome new visitors and commenters!

    I used these instructions to add the third column and make the main column wider (I still use Classic Blogger, but there's a link to instructions in that post if you use Blogger Layouts).

    Then I figured out how to upload and post larger photos in blogger using the instructions in this post and in the comments section on Food Blog S'Cool. If I can do it, anybody can! : )

  15. Love the new chsnges. And the sheep are too cute!

  16. Susan, I love reading your blog!

    you have an award waiting for you to pick up at my place!


  17. Love the 3rd column! Just gives so much more room for "goodies"!! Can't wait to see the new header!!!

  18. Dear Susan - I love reading your blog! My grandparents farmed in south-central Missouri all their lives, and your stories & photos revive fond memories.

    Has anyone else had trouble with the new photos? I'm subscribed through, and since you switched over, none of the photos have appeared.


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