Monday, February 16

Monday Daily Dose of Cute: Looking for Santa?

Mr. Midnight loves to prowl around on The Shack roof

Want to meet the rest of our crazy cats?
Topaz (aka 3T)
Patchy Cat
Sarah Kit Kat Kate
New Cat
Molly Doodlebug (aka The Doodle Monster)

©, the feline foodie farm blog where yesterday this curious cat spent all afternoon locked in the back 'closet' (it's actually a falling down, poorly walled-in covered porch) because every time you go in there he pulls open the door with his paw and then rushes in at top speed (often without being noticed) despite the fact that it's freezing cold, totally devoid of mice, and really, really boring.


  1. sometimes, could we maybe see the shack? will it remain, since it is so historic??? i love black cats, and i am really a dog person

  2. I love have some beautiful ones, I especially liked Smudge, cutest little face! Molly Doodles...scary eyes! Looked very cat-tancarous! Mr. Midnight...all he needed was a white bow tie for his dinner-out! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a great photo! I love the curiosity in my cat.

  4. This is the best photo - how lucky you were to catch it. Mr. Midnight is too adorable (as are all the animals!!) It's so much fun that you are able to capture some of their purr-sonalities!!

  5. Did I see my blogging friend in Country Living magazine (my favorite)?? What a delight!!

  6. If Santa is still in there from Christmas, he ain't gonna look too pretty . . .

  7. Love the picture! He's got that naughty look. ;)

    My big man is also black with a little white from going grey starting to show and one tiny manly splotch of white on his chest.

  8. My mom's black cat liked doing the same thing in the dryer. Once he actually got to go around a few times because she didn't see his shadowy self in there. Don't think he went in the dryer much after that.

    Yours looks awfully silky - boy do I love the black cats!

  9. Hi, I am a devoted fan of your blog and today awarded 7 "Honest Scrap Weblogs" awards -- one of them to you. You can read more at my post

  10. hi,i`m a new one ,it`s the first time i visit your blog,oh ,lei me introduce myself,i`m a chinese girl,i worked in hangzhou,zhejiang,china,i`m very like these dogs and donkey ,Whenever I see I want to laugh,They are so cute.

  11. I just found your blog. You are lovely! I have enjoyed reading!!! So jealous that you live in the country, and you live off the land. God bless you, and keep you! Keep writing! I'm reading! :-)


  12. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!!! We love cats at our place, but can't seem to keep any around. I promised my husband that I'd never have more cats than kids (3). We have had our current kitten since May. That is pretty good for us.

    Thanks for sharing this one =)

  13. I love your photographs and am envious of your decision to 'leave it all behind', as I more and more long to do. I saw your article in Country Living Magazine and will follow your fantastic blog.

  14. so sweet....i love black cats. we have a black & white one...he matches our australian cattle dog.

  15. I'm new to your blog and love it. I found you through Country Living and I have finally finished reading through all the prior years. Thanks so much for sharing your time, wonderful pictures and life with us. I have you bookmarked and look forward to reading your updates. You have a gift and it's a joy to have found you.

  16. Oh, that is a seriously fabulous photo!


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