Tuesday, February 24

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Are You My Baby?

Doll Face Looking for Her Lamb (taken 3/20/07—this year's lambs will start arriving in April)

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© Copyright 2009 FarmgirlFare.com, the wooly foodie farm blog where we may have accidentally disappointed some of you cuties out there (if a bread lover is a breadie, then a cute lover must be a cutie, right?). The cute photos (both current and from the past but never posted) will defnitely continue; they just won't be called 'daily' anymore, since unfortunately they never really were. Meanwhile, things aren't nearly as wooly around here as they were this morning, since we just finished shearing the sheep! Photos will hopefully be up soon.


  1. How spoiled will you be? Late lambing will make for much warmer evenings and good weather. I think being a cutie beats many names I've had in my life - I like cute pictures ergo - a cutie.

  2. i just love these adorable little faces... can't get enough of them!! i could just eat them up! oops. perhaps, when we're talking about sheep-babies we shouldn't use the phrase "eat them up!" sounds a bit like lamb chops that way!! : )

  3. I'd choose to be a cutie anyday too, Oh, I can hardly wait til lambing season starts around here, there will be thousands of them! I'm going to take my camera amd my golden puppy to visit them. Keep posting these precious signs of life!

  4. I love lambing season. Such cute little things. What do you do with all their wool? How many got sheared and how did it take? Have you ever considered putting up a live cam in the barn? Just something else to consider!!

  5. Thanks for the lambies! Sometimes a lamb picture is just what one needs.

  6. Our first lamb this year was a Valentine's Day baby! We're expecting the rest (I don't have hundreds, just five ewes) this coming week. ☺

  7. We seem to be running on the same schedule as you this year for shearing and lambing. Albeit on a much (MUCH) smaller scale. And I'm just fine with that.

  8. Adorable as usual! I love your sheep.

  9. I live in the city and I have not seen sheep for more than 2 years now. Nice to see all the photos of sheep that you have posted. Thanks for posting.

  10. It was so much fun to see your page in Country Living and feel like I kind of know you - well done!


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