Tuesday, February 10

Tuesday Daily Dose of Cute: So Long Snow

It Was Nice to Have You Here

But After Two Weeks of Sliding Around on the Ice, We're Glad to See You Go

Want to make it snow again? Here's a recap:
1/28/09: Snowed In!
1/29/09: Lone But Not Alone
1/31/09: A Cold Breakfast Will Be Served in the South Pen
2/1/09: Moping Marta?
2/2/09: Icy Looks
2/4/09: Still Snowed In
2/4/09: Three Dog Sight
2/5/09: Daisy Off Duty
2/7/09: Being Watched
2/9/09: When Eating and Sleeping Schedules Collide

© Copyright 2009 FarmgirlFare.com, the soggy foodie farm blog where a heatwave weekend followed by two back to back storms (one of which is crashing thunder and battering down rain on our old tin roof as I type this) have ensured that all the fashionably dressed farmgirls in the area will be sporting their favorite rubber muck boots for many days to come.


  1. I think Lucky Buddy Bear is so handsome!

  2. You great pyranise(sp?) is so very beautiful. The sheep farmer next to us has some of those, I'll be out walking and they wull spot me from way off and watch me. I could just feel the warmth of your home as the rain pelted down on your tin roof. The sun will feel so good when it comes out for good!

  3. marta is just so, so adorable! i want to squeeze her and bring her home to sleep in my bed!! thanks for all your wonderful photos! they bring me smiles on a regular basis! :)

  4. The good thing about rain is that it ain't snow! :)

  5. Your dogs are so beautiful..and funny! Sorry you're getting another round of weather but I bet there's some tasty bread baking in your kitchen!

  6. Like you, I am quite glad to see the snow go after these weeks of being so bundled up to go outside that it takes longer to get dressed for it sometimes than I will actually have to be out! Rubber muck boots, well, that's a sign that spring will soon be coming :-)

  7. We're soggy, too, and my rubber boots just sprung a leak. NOOOO. So I'm off to the farm store today to get some more.

    Oh, and . . . BEEEAAAR!!

  8. Fantastic Pictures! Love the dog face down in the bowl!

  9. Oh those pictures are so wonderful! I absolutely love your animals - the sheep, the donkeys, the dogs, the cats - as do all of your readers, given all the wonderul comments you get. A million 'thank you's' for sharing them with the rest of us - we are so lucky!

  10. Gorgeous photos--makes me want to live on a farm with cute farm animals!

  11. Wow. You had A LOT more snow than we did here in Kansas City. I'm keeping my fingers crossed---we've gotten by fairly well this year with a lack of snow and ice. Hopefully spring will be good to us both!

  12. AWWW I love the Great Pyrenees! I have a rescued dog that is a Great Pyrenees/Lab (she looks just like a pyrenees but with shorter hair and a smaller build).

    I also really want sheep so these pictures make me happy!

  13. Fantastic pictures of the snow. I hope you all enjoy the change in weather. The UK has been blanketed with snow recently so I've been enjoying a wealth of snow pictures. Makes a change from the 30 degree weather we've been having down under. Having said that we've just had rain of biblical proportions that has been great for the land but not much fun for the animals.


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