Saturday, February 14

Saturday Farm Photo: Heart Installation

Happy Valentine's Day!

Need a little more love?
First Heart Rocks To Appear On Farmgirl Fare
Heart Rocks By The Barn
Hearts & Cats For Clare & Kiri
Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Birthday To My Sweetheart, Joe
Hearts & Rocks & Numbers & Thoughts
I Heart Homegrown Garlic
Heart Rock Embedded In The Front Step
Heart Rocks, Morning Sun
My Little Girl Is Growing Up
Snowstorms & Snowfall
My Heart Is Embedded In This Place
Hold Life In Your Hand & Keep It In Your Heart
Adding To My Heart Rock Collection
Handful Of Heart Rocks All Found At Once
Happy Valentine's Day
My Hearts Overfloweth
Little Hearts, Big Love
5/13/08: Still Collecting Heart Rocks
11/1/08: Winged Heart?

© 2009, the loving foodie farm blog where glasses of champagne and grilled homegrown steaks are on the menu for tonight—just as soon as the 76 other critters around here get fed. Okay, busted. We might have already started on the champagne. Meanwhile, I've put up my funniest found heart yet over on my kitchen garden blog.


  1. Have you seen the photo of the cow with the heart on his forehead? It made me think of you. Happy Valentines Day.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite farmgirl! ( and Farmguy, who makes it possible for you to do a hundred things at once)

  3. Hi, Farm girl!!! i just discovered your blog through the newest issue of Country Living--and i just love all your "family" and those photos are just great!! I also have a heart rock collection, so we do have something in common--even if i do live in town and you are out in the "wilds"--keep going and give them a hug for me--

  4. Chores are SO MUCH easier after a glass (or two) of wine. And hey, it's not like you have to DRIVE or anything!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your crew! Especially my buddy Bear.

  5. I knew you'd do something cute for Valentines Day...Now instead of looking for arrow heads when we are exploring, I'm going to start looking for hearts! LOL

  6. susan!
    what a fantastic surprise to be scanning through my country living mag, happening upon a picture i thought seemed a bit familiar...then realizing it was YOU! and the donkeys!!
    i said to my hubby-- "'s an article about someone who also has 240 acres in missouri--who has a bunch of...
    OMG IT's SUSAN!!!

    so much fun...
    take care,


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