Wednesday, February 4

Wednesday Farm Photo: Still Snowed In

But Slowly Defrosting

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And out of the kitchen came:
Savory Feta Cheese and Scallion Scones

© Copyright 2009, the frozen foodie farm blog where every year we dream of all the extra time we'll have in winter to do things like plow through the tempting, two-foot-high stacks of books and magazines teetering everywhere, but then the snow and ice arrive and reality sets in—I actually spend more time outside in weather like this because it takes several extra hours each day just to take care of the basic farm chores. So the tempting piles inside simply continue to pile up even higher instead! (I do lead a very cluttered existence.)


  1. Love the pictures! Personally, I think magazines breed while your not home - those piles of magazines & books just get bigger and bigger no matter what I do - so it's the only explanation I can come up with!!

  2. When we bought a bed and breakfast inn - I had images of quilting lovely coverlets for every bed and doing special teas for the ladies in town - instead of plungering out the toilets which were perennially plugged, trying to go 10 beds worth of laundry/sheets and catching a few minutes extra sleep occasionally. I still think you have the wiser situation - obviously since I refer to the B&B in a past tense! Beautiful picture Susan - we are warming up here in Texas - in fact discussing what kind of kitchen vegetable growing containers to try since the galvanized ones I like have gone sky high in price!

  3. The pic looks almost like a fossil, trapped in the ice. I agree, magazines and books just seem to multiply in secret - I have huge piles in my bedroom, living room... and they just keep growing!


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