Saturday, February 7

Saturday Daily Dose of Cute: Being Watched

But just who is watching whom?

©, the slowly melting foodie farm blog where these innocent looking (and totally defrosted) donkey girls were plotting to break into the farmyard so they could have their way with the hay.

Plans foiled—thanks to me and mighty Marta, the dog who refuses to be contained unless she's in an electric fence (and even if the 'containment' is in a 16-acre field), but as soon as we realized she wasn't escaping in order to run off (which she had done in the past) we quickly came to love that aspect of her personality.


  1. They are so adorable (and very innocent looking).

  2. The donkettes look so lean in the frontal view. Glad to see it is defrosting in your part of the world - I have to get some garden things started we are having 70+ degree weather here! Going to try some miniature bok choy and some chocolate brown (which look like dark purpley to me) tomatoes - you only go around once in life and I'm a fool for seed catalogs!

  3. Even before I read your caption, I had the same thought about who is doing the watching here? I'd say that they might have the upper hand, as they can be quite sneaky (in a good way) when keeping an eye on the humans roaming their fields :-)

  4. Are they always posing fo rthe camera? How did you teach them to do that? :)

  5. It does look a bit like their plotting, but by being so disarmingly cute they may just prevail, :)

  6. Hello li'l donkers, you adorable babies.

  7. I just read your article in Country Living. I said "my those donkeys look familiar..." before I knew the article was about you and your blog.

  8. Hi Susan...
    I so love visiting your blog! Those donkeys are SO BEAUTIFUL...I especially like the way you've lit their hair...! Very fashion-photog-studio-ish...

    We just got out of teen temps here but the weather forcast is for more single digits this week. Maybe I'll move to Missouri (but maybe our summers are more pleasant)...

    anyway, much love from Maine, your animals are so beautiful!

    best, S

  9. My experience is that most female dogs aren't much inclined to wander. If they jump the fence in the backyard, they are likely to turn up immediately in the front yard waiting to be let in. The boys take off and travel miles away, the girls just move to the other end of the house. If you don't live on a busy road the girls are safe, but the boys might not come back for a week or so, unless they find a catastrophe in the meantime.

  10. As always, adorable pictures, FG!

    It'll take me about 12 hours to drive up. Be ready for a beat-up blue Ranger full of kittehs, and a runaway college professor looking for a new job wrangling donkeys. :-P

  11. Oh, Susan. I am totally smitten with your blog. It is the first thing I read in the mornings when I get to work (shhhhhh!) Yours and Frances at Gardenfaire. You make me laugh, cry, ponder, imagine. I love it. I'll stop gushing and just say "thank you".

  12. Ok, I'm dying! they are so sweet! I share all your donkey pix with my friends.

    Is the tiny one a mini?

  13. I, too, just read the wonderful article in Country Living - it was so much fun to see you and the animals - Congratulations!!!!

    (...and you know your readership is going to grow even bigger now that others will discover how much fun and how interesting your site is to read! This is so exciting!!)


  14. Hi Everybody,
    It's great to hear from so many donkey lovers! : )

    Supposed to be 70 degrees here today - go figure.

    No, not posing, just plotting. They're trying to figure out if they'll be able to rush past me and my little hay cart into the barnyard - and if I'm packing dog food or donkey treats in my bucket. : )

    I love that you recognized my donkeys!

    Marta was actually doing the 'miles away' thing for a little while there, but thankfully now (paws crossed!) she's stopped.

    Oh Miss Kitty,
    You always crack me up. Don't forget to bring donkey wrangling gloves - and lots of bags of organic carrots.

    You're very welcome! And thanks for taking the time to write and gush. ; )

    No mini donkeys here - Evie and Esmeralda are small because they were just born last July. You can see lots more baby donkey photos here.

    Hi Barb,
    I'm so glad you liked the Country Living article. I finally got to see it yesterday. I think that was the worst thing about being snowed in this time - knowing the magazine was sitting up at the post office and not being able to see it! : )


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