Wednesday, February 4

Wednesday Daily Dose of Cute: Three Dog Sight

Can You Pick Out the Puppy in this Picture?

© Copyright 2009, the still frozen foodie farm blog where we don't know what's harder to believe—that Lucky Buddy Bear is already seven, that little Robin is already twelve (!!!), or that goofy one-year-old Marta can crack us up so many times a day and yet still be such a ferocious guard dog.


  1. It looks like she's being instructed on the proper way to make dog angels in the snow. :)

  2. Wow. At least Bear isn't on his back this time. Good for him.

  3. How nice to have such a harmonius multi-generational canine household.

    Also: BEEEEAAAAR!!

  4. Don't you just love dogs??? Great photo - love it!!!

  5. I also share my home, garden and wild rabbit population with 2 beagles, My Old Man Boscoe and the Slightly Younger Yet Portly Gigi.

    Gotta love those beagles taking their stubby little bodies after deer. :)

  6. Perhaps I missed it---whatever happened to Marta's mate (forgot the name). I haven;t seen a picture of him in some time

  7. So cute! I want to jump in the middle for some puppy love!

  8. It does look like dog angels. How cute!

  9. Stopped by to say hi. I have so enjoyed my visit. Your blog is so charming. I think I will smile all day now. Love the cute pics too. I have a few critters myself. I have chickens, 14 cats, bunches of parakeets, zebra finches, diamond dove, 2 goats, & ducks. I can't say no when someone wants to give something away. Enjoyed seeing yours & reading about them.

  10. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the comments!

    Hi Gramps,
    That would be Lottie, Marta's sister, you're asking about. Sadly, she's not with us anymore. You can read about what happened to her in this recent post, The Stuff of Farm Life: Losing Lambs and Lottie.

  11. Makes me want to give her a belly rub!

  12. Hi. I love your site. I see you have a Komondor/Pyrenees? I do as well and I love the mix.


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