Friday, January 1

Friday Dose of Cute: Little Guy with a Big Feathery Future

Rooster Daddy Back in June 2007

Rooster Daddy and his brothers and sisters:
Whitey Gets Her Wish
I'm Just Wai-tin' On A Friend
Whitey and her Baby Chicks
Caution—Foodie Forming
Curious Chickie
Baby's First Perch
Baby's First Dust Bath
Mother As Landing Pad
Capturing a Quiet Moment
Enjoying A Feast

Rooster Daddy's kids:
2008 Chick Days Are Here!
4/24/08: Country Classifieds
Chicken Snacks (Not a Recipe)
Chick Days Are Here Again!
Egg Layers, the Next Generation
Last One Born's a Rotten Egg!
Another Chick Pic
Pizza Party

© Copyright 2009, the racing striped foodie farm blog where I specifically mentioned how cute it is to watch baby chicks drink water when I posted last night's cheers chickens because I'd planned to link to one of my favorite chick pics. But after several minutes of searching (I use that handy Farmgirl Fare google search box up in the right hand corner all the time!), I realized I'd never actually shared the photo I had in mind—so here it is. Better two and a half years late than never, right?


  1. Happy New Year, Susan! My one problem with my new apartment is the chicken dilemma. There is a garden, as well as the courtyard in front..only a small one in the back, but some of the people on the co-op garden committee were doing herbs and veggies last year. Still, I think proposing a chicken coop might make me a suspect new addition at best. Better wait on that.

  2. That little one is too adorable. I'm on my way now to check out how he grew up, thanks for the links :)

  3. What a pretty baby chick! There's nothing cuter.

  4. Just wanted to say hello. I found out about your blog through one of the 'ladies' magazines-Family Circle or Woman's Day...can't recall. I've been visiting almost daily for about a year now. I've shared your blog with fellow 'farmgirl' wannabes! I love your blog and as everyone tells are living what many of us dream about doing. I am in Texas and have almost 4 acres..been here about 4 years now and this is my little dream and patch of heaven ...although 240 plus acres is indeed heaven! I know how much work my little 4 acres is...I have a quarterhorse, 2 mini horses, sheep, a wonderful little donkey who is probably my favorite :) ducks, chickens, dogs and cats. Your blog has been educational, entertaining, inspiration and much more. I love the photography! especially of the farm-seasons changing...I love it all I guess. I recall seeing a horse...perhaps include your horse(s) sometime. Keep writing and we'll keep reading. Have a happy, blessed New Year!



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