Tuesday, January 19

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Oh, Look

Yeah, We Know—Snow.

Want to relive this season's snowstorms?
12/25/09: It's White!
12/20/09: Snow Day!
1/5/10: Cold Lover
1/7/10: So We Got Some More Snow
1/8/10: See Spot Grow
1/9/10: Snow Quiet
1/10/10: Sheep Don't Tweet—We Bleat

1/11/10: Fluffcat on a Frozen Roof
1/12/10: You Shouldn't Take Chances with the Food Supply
1/14/10: Soaking Up Sun in the Snow
1/16/10: On the Lookout
1/22/10: Everybody's Safe
1/23/10: Staredown
1/24/10: Cold Backs, Warm Heart

1/30/10: Snowed In!
2/1/10: Monday Dose of Cold and Cute: In the Snow
2/2/10: Cold Weather Food
2/4/10: Scratching Her Face—or Rushing the Camera?
2/7/10: Hay Girls
2/8/10: Weathered Wood (and a Little Cute)
2/9/10: Winter Water
2/11/10: Girl Power
2/12/10: Snow Happy

© Copyright 2010 FarmgirlFare.com, the hats off, gloves off, heat wave having foodie farm blog (a balmy 62 degrees today!) where our most recent snowfall finally melted off after a week, but we couldn't help keeping a few more favorite snow pictures on ice for you.


  1. Loving your photos.
    They're all such regal looking creatures. Master of all they survey!

  2. 62 degrees?? Wow! Definitely the January thaw! Kind of makes you wonder what's next, doesn't it?

    Love your 'critters'.

  3. I love animals pics in snow! We wont see 62 till about June. LOL. Enjoy!

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