Thursday, January 7

Thursday Dose of Cute: So We Got Some More Snow

Tana is Thrilled

More snow photos coming soon. Need a bigger blizzard right now? You'll find links to lots more snowstorms here (scroll down past the playful pups). I've also just added the cute half to Tuesday's heart rock post, which was the whole reason for it in the first place, yet I somehow completely spaced it out until that crazy Sylvester kept walking into more photos this afternoon. And here I was hoping to be more organized and on top of things this year!

© Copyright 2010, the three inches of snow covered foodie farm blog (which makes that white Christmas already seem like nothing) where the sheep have so much wool (or hair) to keep them warm in winter that they often choose to sleep outside during snowstorms, but you just get the sense that for some of them, this is definitely not their favorite time of year.



  2. We're getting your storm right now. And the sheep are indeed out in it, standing at the gate yelling for grain.

    They don't like it when they can't graze. Because really, what else is there to entertain a sheep?

  3. What breed of sheep is this gorgeous animal?

  4. Hi Julie,
    Don't worry about the sheep - they have shelters they can go in to get out of the cold and snow, but like the donkeys, most of the time they choose not to use them. : )

    Hi Kristin,
    When we have lots of snow or it's lambing season and I'm trekking to the barn each night at 2 or 3am, I think about how smart those New Englanders were to build their barns right next to (or sometimes even connected to) their house. But the rest of the time I'm glad all that baaaing is several hundred feet away! ; )

    Hi Sheepmom,
    Tana, who is 8 years old, is a mixed breed. My original flock of 33 sheep (to whom all of my current sheep - except for the ram and the few Katahdin hair sheep we bought last year - are related) was a real mixed bag of breeds. Since my original goal was to have a flock of colored wool sheep (never did learn to spin or get back into knitting), I used a black Border Leicester ram for a few years - that's where Tana gets her color. (I love black sheep!) And her father is a purebred Suffolk (the ones with the black faces and legs), so she's 50% Suffolk.

  5. Sheepmom,
    I take that back - Tana's father was a Suffolk and Hampshire cross. We loved that stocky ram! We used him for two years, and I would have like to have bred him for about twenty. His ewe lambs all have such nice bulk to them.


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