Tuesday, January 5

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Cold Lover

Another Embedded Heart Rock

More below. . .

And the Whole Picture (with Sylvester
, underfoot is an understatement)
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© 2010 FarmgirlFare.com, the bitterly cold (that's the official weather site description) foodie farm blog where some of us don't mind winter (you know I'm definitely not a summer person) and don't mind the cold—you can always add more layers or blankets, but once you're naked, you're naked! It's just the consequences of living in a shack during sub-zero temperatures that can be a little. . . trying.

The outgoing water pipes are already frozen solid (no surprise since they spend several feet out in the open air), this morning there was a thick layer of ice lining the bathtub (leaving the faucet dripping does help the incoming water from freezing), and with a low of -17 predicted in a few days, I fear that incoming water will soon be a distant memory. The living room windows are covered with sleeping bags.

But this heart rock that suddenly appeared just a few steps from the new living quarters
(hopefully we'll be moved in by next winter) is obviously a sign that somebody around here really does love this crazy time of year!


  1. Yeah. The frost is covering the north room walls. The freshly painted north room walls. BOO.

    But at least our bathroom is warm from the space heater. A cold bathroom is one thing I really, really hate.

    Stick close to that woodstove. This is the kind of weather that makes you just want to crawl inside of it, right? Or is that just me?

  2. I've missed the heart rock photos! Good luck with the water and hopefully it will get a little warmer for you. At least above freezing.

  3. yikes! i hope everything makes it through ok!

  4. I'm sure living in the Shack has its charms, but I am also sure you will be very glad to move into your new living space! Good luck!

  5. Surely I'm not the first to point you here.....peace



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