Sunday, January 10

Sunday Dose of Cute: I'm on Twitter! (Sort of)

Sheep Don't Tweet—We Bleat

I know, I know. I'm the only person who isn't on Twitter—well, besides my hunky farmguy Joe (and don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen).
Even now I'm not really on it. Since I'm already constantly behind replying to e-mail and blog comments—not to mention posting all those backlogged recipes!—I don't think starting to tweet would be such a good idea.

But some of you have asked me to announce each new blog post on Twitter, and I'm happy to oblige. You'll find Farmgirl Fare on Twitter here, and In My Kitchen Garden here. I'm also hoping to post much more often on In My Kitchen Garden this year, but of course I said that last year, too (and probably the year before).

In other exciting organizing news (it doesn't take much to get us excited around here), the 'Visit My Kitchen Garden' link in the upper right sidebar on Farmgirl Fare, which currently is a close-up lettuce photo, now goes directly to the In My Kitchen Garden homepage, for those of you who wanted to be able to easily pop over there. And the 'Visit My Food/Farm Blog' link in the upper left sidebar (with the lamb sitting in his 'boat' photo) on In My Kitchen Garden still goes to this homepage.

As for those of you wondering about this photo, that is indeed my baby Cary, who will be (gasp) turning four years old in May. She's happy and healthy and still enjoys haughtily ignoring me most of the time, though she's well aware that she still holds special priviliges and will break away from the flock and storm the treat room door any chance she gets.

I decided not to breed Cary again this year because of the traumatic experience with her first pregnancy. As much as I'd love to have a Cary baby, I just don't want to take the chance of losing her—and since there's no reason I have to breed her, I'm not going to, at least for now.

© Copyright 2010, the way beyond nippy foodie farm blog where it's no suprise that the incoming water pipes are frozen and there's a mound of ice sprouting up from the shower drain in the bathroom—the thermometer outside read minus six degrees this morning. Brrrrrr! But as long as we don't have to do this again (and I use 'we' in the most general of terms here), things should be fine.


  1. I refuse to tweet. It's just one more darned thing to add to our already overloaded lives. Plus, I'm technology averse, or low tech, as my husband calls it.

    I'm amazed you have the time and energy to do so, what with running a farm and publishing two great blogs. Kudos to you for keeping up with reader requests!

  2. I'm not on Twitter either but only because I just don't get it. Sigh. I hope it warms up a little for you this week.

  3. I don't like twitter...and what they bleat is I'm sure much better than anything on twitter! (why do they call it that anyway, is everyone twitter-payted or what?! LOL

  4. I always love a peek at Cary. I too am happy for her to be the special girl and not have to go through another pregnancy....we love her too much....

  5. I'm following you now. Vesper Sparrow.

  6. Love this blog! The previous post with the leaf on the snow...ahhh, just gorgeous. As is Cary! I've been reading you for several years now and always anxiously await a new post! Happy New Year.

  7. I'm not on Twitter either (I guess there are a few of us, huh?)

    Love the pix of Cary - so sweet!

  8. I'm new to the blog and got hooked instantly. So here I am trying to follow Cary a few years behind, but I've caught up to most of it already. Just curious (always been a city girl) - how many sheep are on the farm and what do you do with them all? (are they for wool/milk production?) Thanks if you have time, and no worries if you're busy!

  9. I just love the pictures of your babies,,,and I am not on twitter..

  10. You are not alone. My husband and I don't tweet either.

  11. I can't even manage facebook. But what a cute blog you have! Thanks for posting.

  12. Linda in St Louis1/12/2010 5:21 AM

    I don't tweet either....there are quite a few of us. Hope you're warmer soon. We're going above the freezing point finally.
    Linda in St Louis


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