Monday, January 11

Monday Dose of Cute: Fluffcat on a Frozen Roof

That Would Be Whiskers

Want to see more of him?
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11/4/09: Sky High Kitty

© Copyright 2010, the no fear of heights foodie farm blog where it takes a lot more than a little snow and ice to keep this guy—who just keeps getting fluffier and fluffier—down on the ground, though for safety's sake he does use a ladder to climb up and down. (Now if only I could get a picture of that!)


  1. Enough of this southern coldness already! We are ready to move on to spring here in Texas where we've been blasted with cold too. Hugs to all your kiddos~ Liz

  2. Awww..what a beautiful cat! My cats are all parked on my bed..refusing to leave the house because there is *gasp* snow on the ground...I keep telling them that they're Vermont cats..there is snow on the ground for the majority of the year and they just need to suck it up...but they're not listening.

  3. He looks like he is surveying his kingdom.

  4. Whiskers is adorable! I love how fluffy he is. Is that because it is so cold, or just a natural state of being?

  5. i love the way fluffcat's fur is flying in the breeze.

    is it windy there? it's been crazy windy here.

    been gone awhile, coming back here makes me sigh, into cuteness.

  6. Farm Girl,
    What a blast this blog is!

    I have recently "gone back to my roots" and taken over the family ranch. I absolutely love working with cattle and the ranch life...Keep up the fun and informative posts!

  7. I love that big fluffy cat. We still have some that stay inside and some that think the low teens to zero are just fine. Go figure.


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