Thursday, January 28

Thursday Dose of Cute: Freida in Front

Taking Over the Flock?

Meet Freida. Daughter of little Dee Dee (although as Joe is fond of pointing out, "There's nothing little about little Dee Dee anymore!"), granddaughter of Frederica, also known as The Sex Slave and The Jumper (stories for another time), who led the most adventurous life of any sheep I've ever known, always gave us some of our biggest and best looking lambs—even after being attacked and having her back half torn apart by coyotes—and pretty much detested me and Joe.

Frederica died last winter at the ripe old age of thirteen, not long before her little granddaughter was born. Freida, who you can also see here and here (scroll down), definitely inherited some of her spunk.

© Copyright 2010, the all ears out foodie farm blog where you know who else is Frederica's granddaughter? Cary! And she just happens to be standing to the left of Freida in this photo. Other faces you might recognize—though several visitors to the farm have said they can't believe I'm actually able to tell my sheep apart—include (up in the back left) Snugglebunny, Auntie Rose, and Tana.


  1. That is a ridiculously cute photo!

  2. Fun how your sheep come with their very own snuggi! It is fun to watch certain traits pass down in generations of our animals - my beloved goat Nubiana died last fall and her offspring and theirs all continue with a sweet nature and excellent mothering skills. I sold off a line of goats who never DID mellow out and were infamous for butting and biting everyone else! Your girls are beautiful and healthy looking

  3. How in the world can you keep their names straight. If I don't blog about our dogs, I forget the names of the ones that we no longer have.

  4. I have to say that I too am amazed that you can tell them apart. They all seem so cute!

  5. I love sheep faces, the looks in their eyes are priceless! :)

  6. What a FACE! Love those legs in their gorgeous brown stockings!

  7. Such cute, sweet sheep!
    Love your blog....and farm.


  8. I think the title of this posting should be called "attention everyone, the meeting is about to start" because they are all looking so attentive to you.
    Congratulations on having the greatest blog ever!

  9. I can see how you tell them apart. I had a friend who had Champ and the sweater girls. When asked ( by somone else) if they were called that because she didn't name them she was horrified. No it was because they were Wool Sheep. She then procede to name them all. Champ came when called, with Leslie Ugly hot on his heels. It takes a while but when you see them every day you just know.
    Seems like Cary had a few adventures in her time too. Oviously Frederica has left her mark in sheep history.

  10. I say there is nothing better than a spunky sheep. Yours are the best!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  11. I am new to blogging...and I love your blog and all the information contained within!!!
    Your photographs are wonderful and it looks like you have created a lovely life on the farm.

    Take Care;
    Sherri Ann

  12. CountryMidwife1/29/2010 5:00 PM

    That sheep as sex slave story? We gotta hear! The nearly devoured by coyotes story? Skip. :::sniff:::

    I wonder why nature's perfect design left their um, torsos so warm but their legs so cold? I could knit them some wool leg warmers? :)

  13. would you please spend a few minutes and check out my blog. I am a farmer who has been raising over fifty breeds of chickens for forty years.

  14. I recognized Cary's face before I got to where you said it was her! Signed, fellow animal fanatic who was also able to tell 30-odd chickens apart, sometimes from great distances because of how they ran when I called them for food. : )


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